Friday, 11 June 2010

June Class LO

I wasn't sure about the colours in my photo going with the colours and flowers and glitter of this LO? but another LO for a holiday album!
Just love these Bo Bunny papers we used!

May class LO

I just love going to Cardinal Colours and taking Anita's class once a month, She is such a talented lady and makes me come out of my comfort zone with her very different style to me!

June week 1 team challenge

Another LO for a holiday album and a fun one to do too!!
Bold and Bright, Elvis song title and something silvery (silver foil mounting)

May Week 4 team challenge

Something big, bold and bright and unusual shape instead of 12x12

May Week 3 team challenge

Poor quality photo taken, sorry!
3 photos and follow a sketch, something that makes you happy , something floral and add ribbon to LO

May Week 2 team challenge

Title had to be a question, use green, own doodling and add some metal (aphas)

May Week 1 team challenge

Used interwoven ribbons, ree, white and pink colours, blossoms and followed a sketch

Finally finished!!

This was a Totalpapercrafts LO I started at the 365 retreat last year. I finally finished it!

52 in 10 Prompt 16 - My Dream Home

A fun LO this week about our dream home.
The journalling reads-
"Whilst DH and I were still working we used to return from our holidays with PHOTO OF A RUN DOWN PROPERTY which we used to pretend to the children we had bought. They never believed us! in 1998 we saw this property in a village in France. This time they really believed we had!!
The following year we returned and found the property sold and renovated! We wished we did own it, was only a dream!

Catch up with Anita's classes for March and April

Week 2 April team challenge

My scrapping came to a halt for a while on 3rd April when my best friend's DH, John died suddenly and tragically 5 days before we all went on holiday.
I managed to do this challenge of DH, myself and dear John on one of our visits to Anglesey the previous year
We had to use blue/red/yellow or black colours, circles and a time (in my life) and the Lo had to have 'white space'

52 in 10 Prompt 15 - Changes to my Home

I scraplifted a whole article from Judith Harrington for this LO. Thank you Judith xx
The changes I showed on the LO was removing our back lawn and having a patio built, why didn't we do this sooner!
Turning over the inner circle shows the changes we had to our bathroom and toilet. Although it was done more than 10years ago I still love the colours and the tiles we chose!
The papers are some of my favourite from Crate papers and it was another kit from Sarah's Cards

52 in 10 Prompt 14 - Treasures

This week we had to take our camera around our home and look at things that remind me of people or events and make me happy
I loved working on this paper. It was one of Sarah's Cards kits

52 in 10 Prompt 13 - No Place Like home

This is my second home with DH, our retirement home when the children had grown up
Under the large photo collage is hidden journalling and small photos of all the rooms

Week 5 team challenge - Naughty and Forty!

Yhis was our team challenge - The Dizzy Dots.
It had to be a hot/bright LO, Follow a sketch and use dots or circles
I did a sketch of my DS1's 40th Birthday week!

52 in 10 Prompt 12 - Come Dine with Me

This week we had to think of an imaginary dinner party. Seeing I love the TV programes -Come Dine with Me , and I was a cookery teacher, I chose 4 other cooks for the week, my menus is on the back of the hidden journalling!!

52 in 10 Prompt 11 - Faults, Flaws and Foibl

Walk into my home and I might seem a very tidy person!
Open a few cupboards and drawers and you will see the untidy side of me!
It drives my DH to despair at times, ESPECIALLY all my cherished shoes piled up in this cupboard!!

Weekly Challenge Week 4

This challenge asked for 1 or 3 photos of a holiday, using the colours of the country, stamping and some form of journalling not used before.
Another NZ LO for my album!