Friday, 22 August 2014

22nd Aug- Posters, tissue and crepe paper!

Well were are you all? I am back and seem to be the only one posting this week LOL!!

I was going to wait to go to see Zac on his 10th Birthday tomorrow and see if his posters where up in his new bedroom, then this poster caught my eye as I put all the Lenovo info paperwork away having had my new laptop!!

I am afraid no tissue or crepe paper in this house :( !!!!

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

20th Aug -Cards, bags and boxes

Tuesday- Cards I chose playing cards as we had the grandchildren today and Xanthe just loves her FROZEN cards free with Morrison shopping!! I don't shop there but my elderly friend Rosie does and gets cards each week for her
Today it was Guess Who, Xanthe will see this pack on Friday when they pop in!!
This was our floor yesterday, yes Frozen was the chosen cards to play
Here was Zac having breakfast and Xanthe in the spare bedroom she calls 'the childrens room' LOL!!

Wed - Bags and Boxes
Today I cleared the drawers of the spare room wardrobe which is going into our DGS Lewis' bedroom.
Here is the top drawer which was where my wrapping paper, tissue paper and bags were. at the moment they are now sat on the bed waiting for a home"
Some rubbish papers to throw away
a box for delivered for our neighbours who are away for a month in Sri Lanka
 The empty drawers
 The wardrobe ready to be moved by my son Iain on Friday

Monday, 18 August 2014

week 34 18th Aug - Paper Mates

Mon - Newspapers  This is Mon after  weekend with friends, we only buy a Sat paper for our weeky TV day these are the remains of the weekend papers :)

I found a cookery page and will make this apricot  recipe tomorrow !..Apricot Clafoutis....need to get rid of some double cream!!

18th August - Skies from last week

Sorry I didn't participate in last week's challenge 'Century'. To be honest I have no relations who fought in World War 1 and had a busy week as Carol was home on her own for a week from Wilts so we were out a lot and then busy getting ready for visitors who came on Fri and have just left today Mon.
We had fab weather again last week so Carol and I spent the day out, here we are at lunch time at a cafe on the beach before we fell into M&S for some serious retail therapy!!!
 We spent the weekend with our visitors keeping to the sea as much as possible as they live inland in Somerset nr Bath. Pat is one of my college friends, we have known each other 51yrs!!
Here are my sky photos from last week. Zac and Xanthe saw this and we quickly got my camera out, it was a sunshine and showers day for them!!
 Saturday sky in both photos

Sunday evening sunset as we were eating our meal, I kept having to jump up and take another photo!!

 and our sky today just after saying goodbye to visitors and off to find the bedlinen and towels to wash!!

Saturday, 2 August 2014

2nd August - Summer theme - rest of week

I started so well and then this week got soo busy with life but just love how I start a week with no plans and the week evolves!!

Tues - Summer food    This summer I will remember picking and eating so many cherries, at the moment we are making cherry brandy!!
 Summer fruity coleslaw SW dish
Wed - Summer sunset or sunrise I never see the sunrise these days :) Sunset from our patio
Thurs - Summer colourful clothes

Fri - Summer sunlight and shade
Where my sunbed stayed this hot sunny summer :(

Sat - Children in sunshine and Sun - Summer water    In the same photo!!
Xanthe this hot summer!  Just loved her sunglasses!!

It was moving day yesterday for my youngest son and family. We arrived at 7am to take the children off to our house for the day!    It was too early for Zac and he was a pretty unhappy boy til we had breakfast in Sainsbury!!
 It looks as though it was too early for another man too!!
 We had to export all Zachary's lego models in our car!!
To try and get a family photo was too difficult!!
 Mum finally got smiles from them as we finally left
It was too hectic when we took the children home about 6ish to take any photos, they had moved into their new home but with boxes absolutely everywhere!!
We ended an exhausting day with a fish and chip supper and a glass of red wine!!

Monday, 28 July 2014

27th July - summer feet and sandals

Sunday - Summer feet
Here are my fet which are pedicured regularly this summer as a treat to myself and these sandals from Clarks that I just love!  Went to buy some black ones same style last week and they are sold out everywhere, even online :(

Today I treated myself to these gorgeous suede sandals from M&S for our cruise at Christmas and for special dressy occasions at home!


28th July - Summer shopping

This was my shopping trolley last week as I am back in the swing of things entertaining and SW properly. I never left but had put on 8 lbs since April and I now mean to loose this as quick as possible. I have persuaded Peter to come along as there are 6 men so he didn't feel too uncomfortable
Mon - Summer shopping
Plenty of fruit veg and low fat cheese and yoghurts etc

Had a lovely a lovely morning with my friend Jen and we went to a fairly new M&S for coffee and of course several items just fell in my basket!!...and we only went for coffee LOL!!
I also bought a pair of black peg leg? trousers in linen ! They have turn ups, does this mean peg leg? Off to get  a black and white skirt I saw online , length 30, they didn't have that length in the store!

Saturday, 26 July 2014

26th - View of most frequented place this summer

Sorry but having been here for 15 days (3 weeks daily) this has to be my photo for this summer!!
and to more interesting things...
Today I spent the day with Perdita and Xanthe. This am I helped pack boxes for their move next Friday, then pm we went with Jo (step DD) to finish picking the 2 cherry trees that Perdita rented this year.  Here are some photos of the afternoon!

 me - I needed a seat!
 Xanthe..only 1!!
 The fruit
 Xanthe relaxing
 A well earned ice cream

Friday, 25 July 2014

25th July - Family and Fav summer outfit

Yesterday we had Xanthe again as she had a playgroup leavers party in the morning. She had planned to wear her fairy outfit but then changed her mind!! She dressed up in the afternoon.and I took photos for her Mum as they are doing another summer hols book with daily photos.
Family - our youngest grandchild I see the most!.

Favourite summer outfit - this summer until the heatwave I have worn these shirt tops, rather too large now but bought in April as the buttoned down the front and easy for all my hospital appointment and loose for comfort after the op and during radiotherapy.  Not sure if I will keep them next year or take them in to make them smaller!!

Of course here I am with Viv in June!