Friday, 20 June 2014

Catch up in June! from 3rd June - Transport

Our plane loading for N Cyprus 
 View from a cruise boat
 Views from  planes - Leaving the UK coast
 Over the Swiss and Italian alps
 Small fields in Europe, somewhere!
Over Wyoming
 Leisure transport, the scenic Mail Run we took for the day in Aroaka peninsular, NZ

Unusual transport in Queenstown NZ, us paragliding!!

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

3rd June- Transport challenge

Monday - our car

 Old one
New one

Tuesday - 2/3 wheels.... this was easy today as we do the school run and back to our families home
Xanthe wanted to show me another one of her 3 wheels

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

1st June - week's challenge about fabric.

Here I am at the weekend again doing the whole week's challenge!!  Maybe one day I will get back to doing them daily!

I went to Maidstone on Wednesday for a long meeting with my oncologist about my next 2 treatments, 3 weeks 5 days a week to Maidstone 1.15mins away from our house! I start on 23rd June - 11th July so our holiday in France has been cancelled!  Then after that treatment I have 5 yrs of hormone therapy to reduce the oestrogen in my body which this treatment could cause osteoporosis/arthiritis and muscle joint aches and pains as well as another menapause!!. I have to have a bone density scan before starting this and will probably will take calcium tabs and eat more fish etc.

As you have read, all these treatments can have side affects but hopefully again I will have a smooth ride , so thinking very positively.

After the hospital we meet Viv and Roland in Teneterden before they travelled the following day to France. It was lovely to meet up with them again
 Monday -  florals- bedlinen in a charity shop
Tuesday - cotton a garment hanging in Monsoon
Wednesday - cushions in Next 
 Thursday - Favourite fabric - fluffy jumpers in winter
Friday - comfy clothing - crops and loose tops in summer

Saturday - cannot stand the feel of...scratchy shiny lurex fabric. This was difficult to photograph!!

Sunday - indulgence - would be sexy underwear!!
Well had this ready in draft on Sun and now I am behind again!!! Will I ever catch up!!