Wednesday, 11 November 2009

My laptop and printer are home!

I don't think I have told you about our 'ladies' LOL We have 2 sisters who are now 3 yrs old. We got them as kittens when our dear beloved dog Barney died.
We only intended bringing home 1 cat a pretty tabby who we named Florrie after Peter's mother. We had chosen from 5 kittens but when we arrived to collect her, the runt of the litter a little black ball of a kitten and ugly too, had no home, so ...yes you can guess Mae ( my mothers name May) came home with us. She now reigns supreme in our household and claims Peter as hers!! Where he goes so does she!
Though I refuse to let her in our bedroom, but nightly she bangs on our bedroom door and finally arrives on our bed around 7am, much to my disgust
Well for the second day I have empty spaces where my laptop and printer should be. Peter is very amused that I don't know what to do when I wake up. Today I watched breakfast time TV!

My computer arrived home and the printer, old as it is is OK and connected once again to my computer!! I was back to normal

It was WI at Slimming World today and although I am struggling to lose weight after 20mths I lost 1/2lb!
It was good to have a 1min silence at 11am at SW.
I thought about all the young men who fight for our country and who weekly are losing their lives, I also prayed for dear friends and acquaintances who are fighting cancer at the moment. There seem to be so many, and it saddens me that this seems to be a prevalent illness of our times
This afternoon I went round the charity shops to find something for an Elvis tribute 40th party on Sat night, a bargain jacket to wear with black trousers and top and a really wide belt round the hips. I will backcomb my hair and wear a head band and sunglasses, just need to persuade Peter to go with the flow.....

The last few days with no computer!

Monday was a family day when the 'grown up kids needed me LOL!! First a visit with Dstep D to her solicitor re her ex... a new lady but so lovely and kind to Jo, I could have hugged her!

This was my ironing pile from last week, no excuse now I have no laptop and printer :(

but DS2 arrived with his family, well only my grandson's clothes to iron... OK his partner is poorly and I did offer...???
It was hard work but I did get to watched the afternoon film on 5, it was a good one too!

Then on Tuesday more ironing arrived...well I offered again and then I watched part 2 of the film on 5. really enjoyed the film and all the ironing got done too
Now I await the return of my laptop and printer, do hope the printer hasn't been condemed!

Anita's class LO for October

As you can see my printer and laptop finally came back to me from my lovely IT Man Paul last nightand I can start uploading some of the photos I have taken these last few days and continue blogging!!
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Sunday, 8 November 2009

Last night went pear shape at 11pm when I started printing photos for a crop today. The printer made a seriously bad noise and moved the printing lane......?

Here I am at 6am trying to print photos of through 'windows' in NY for UKS weekly challenge LO that I want to do at the crop luck and the next 2 hours saw me uninstalling and downloading a XP epson printer and still not getting my printer to work :(
Thank goodness for the crop, I was in a bad place when I arrived but after a lot of chat and laughs I managed to finish 2 LO's I had started, start Oct ASOML challenge and to do this week's WC with Sarah's Card kit. Love these monthly kits and the challenge in using papers and embellishments I would not always have chosen myself!
When will I get my printer sorted? Well that is in the lap of the gods and my IT man,! I await his call this week

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Struggling to put writing to photos tonight LOL!! Think I have finally cracked it, we shall see tomorrow!
Here is Zac with his book Fantastic Mr Fox after seeing the film!
and here is my Sauasage Hotpot with the very old recipe, nearly 30yrs old!

Saturday November 7th

I am now on day 2 and 3 of my class, catching up slowly LOL!! and have read about thinking what we publish and found this advice very sound and thoughtful - for security reasons in this online climate, sad as it is we must always be careful what information we publish in public...who knows who is reading this unless you password protect your blog just for family and friends! I like the idea that when doing a LO you can also have hidden journalling and things not mentioned. Thank you Shimelle for these ideas x

Here is my day today, starting rather early with taking DGS aged 5 for a swimming lesson at 8am, no time for our usual cooked breakfast by DH at 9am LOL!!
This followed with a music group and Zac was the most focussed student and got this sticker
I finally made it home at 10am but not a happy bunny as I have lost my debit card !! Where I do not know! Of course I had a load of grief from Peter. Card all cancelled and nothing taken, thank goodness.
The day got better with a Christmas market for our local hospice where I bought loads of pressies and then a glorious sunny warm late morning walk along our seafront with DGS...oh why didn't I have my camera, will I never learn?

Zac and I then went to see the film, Fantastic Mr Fox and ate our lunch during the film!

I am now home alone as Peter is watching his team Arsenal play on TV and his footie friend has a huge screen!
Our tea tonight is Sausage Hotpot a recipe I used with year 8 long ago but an all in one recipe useful for late teas in front of an evening of TV!
Cropping day tomorrow at Cardinal Colours [formerly Jillybeans] Really enjoy these monthly crops. Need to go and get my stash ready NOW!!

Friday, 6 November 2009

My first day doing Shimelle's bloggging class!

FRIDAY - So today I decided to make red cabbage for the 1st time...a cookery teacher never having made this? NO! I had a bit of a problem since DH [Peter] doesn't like the smell or taste of vinegar or spices and most recipes included these. I love Delia Smith's books and found one without spices[not this recipe] I did put 1 tbsp of red wine vinegar into the pot and I am cooking it now in my slow cookpot for 8hrs so he will eat it tomorrow with sausages, I don't eat sausages so will have ham instead on a SW red day!!
I am sure our homes tell outsiders about us, open a cupboard door in my kitchen and this is what you will see! A cupboard full of cookery books. Well I was a Home Economics teacher in my early career life and since retirement have a renewed love in cooking, especially since joining Slimming World [note bottom RH side books ] Their recipes are fab and you do lose weight if you eat a lot of the right foods! THURSDAY again - Whilst I wandered round the lake the fields were full of these mushrooms, never sure if these are edible or not?
THURSDAY - Yesterday my husband Peter and I had a day out together, we try to do this every week.
We went to see the film Julie and Julia am which was excellent a real feel good film, it inspired me to get going with this blog today. See the film and you will know why!!
We then went to see out eldest son who had set up for a 24 hr night course fishing with 5 workmates and this lovely location.
TUESDAY - My room ready and trying to sort out a template I like for this blog, still not happy that I have learnt enough about this !

Hi everyone well this is my first proper writing blog! This class is for 3 weeks in November focussing on blogging photos and scrapping.

I signed up to Shimelle's class 'Blogging for Scrapbookers' in October and then lost my emails for 2 weeks, how do we survive without email? Well I did but didn't like it at all LOL!

I finally started this blog on Tuesday 1 day behind and then life and family got in the way like it does,and here I am on day 5 finally starting but hey I have started!!

Not sure I have passed the starting manual test from Shimelle but thank goodness for templates! Still not happy with the blog and want to customerise it like other blogs I see, yes I want to walk before I can run, but cannot follow instructions very easily either.....not changed even as a retired nana!!

Well why am I doing this class when I already have several blogs?.... all Shimelle classes, please note!

Well I am a scrapbooker but lately have noted I have not always been able to journal my photos into LO's or albums quick enough as I seem to take photos and record my life daily. I am certain that in the future I will forget some of those moments and reasons why I took a certain photo. It will be great for my family to read this in future years and to remind me too of moments when I scrap a certain photo.

So documenting daily if possible...cannot promise this yet... will record some details of my life .

Well what happened this week? Here are some daily photos of this week. you have to scroll above!!