Saturday, 7 November 2009

Saturday November 7th

I am now on day 2 and 3 of my class, catching up slowly LOL!! and have read about thinking what we publish and found this advice very sound and thoughtful - for security reasons in this online climate, sad as it is we must always be careful what information we publish in public...who knows who is reading this unless you password protect your blog just for family and friends! I like the idea that when doing a LO you can also have hidden journalling and things not mentioned. Thank you Shimelle for these ideas x

Here is my day today, starting rather early with taking DGS aged 5 for a swimming lesson at 8am, no time for our usual cooked breakfast by DH at 9am LOL!!
This followed with a music group and Zac was the most focussed student and got this sticker
I finally made it home at 10am but not a happy bunny as I have lost my debit card !! Where I do not know! Of course I had a load of grief from Peter. Card all cancelled and nothing taken, thank goodness.
The day got better with a Christmas market for our local hospice where I bought loads of pressies and then a glorious sunny warm late morning walk along our seafront with DGS...oh why didn't I have my camera, will I never learn?

Zac and I then went to see the film, Fantastic Mr Fox and ate our lunch during the film!

I am now home alone as Peter is watching his team Arsenal play on TV and his footie friend has a huge screen!
Our tea tonight is Sausage Hotpot a recipe I used with year 8 long ago but an all in one recipe useful for late teas in front of an evening of TV!
Cropping day tomorrow at Cardinal Colours [formerly Jillybeans] Really enjoy these monthly crops. Need to go and get my stash ready NOW!!

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