Saturday, 31 December 2011

Look what happened this Christmas!!

I wanted to blog sooner than than the last day in December but as usual life got in the way.

I really should go to bed but after a fab afternoon and evening with our last family Christmas get together I needed to show you what happened to DH and myself for over indulging this Christmas LOL!!

No this was a joke photo. DGS2 had a prog on his ipod that can change portraits but it amused us for quite a while tonight after pressies, a meal and a game of Cluedo from our Cluedo crackers!

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Nearly Christmas

Today I did the class LO for the frame seen below which Anita planned and bought the scrummy My Minds Eye ," found and Lost"
I have lit the candle tonight which is smelly and Christmassy whilst I watch the Come Dancing Final...I want Harry from Mc Fly to win :)

All the presents are now wrapped and under our tree and I feel very Christmassy this year and DH isn't being so Bah humbug either !

Xanthe ,Mummy and Zachary came this week she is finally over chicken pox and Grandad didn't catch it either!!

The skies and weather have been very interesting too

Here is a photo of the sky at 4pm the other evening with blue skies, sunset and a black cloud/ sleet cloud/ rain cloud!!

DGS became a teenager on Dec 13th ...all he wanted was a very expensive Lego box ...he could have had a new TV for this LOL!!

We had the first Christmas meal with friends last week, there were 11 of us and we all shared the meal

The table all set

Thursday, 8 December 2011

December at last

I have really got into the Christmas preparations this year. below is a collage of Delia's choc roulade which I make for family and friends, this year I have 6 to make, the first 2 are made and DstepDD has one in her freezer and the other is in mine....4 more to go
Delia's recipe for Squidgy Chocolate log, I call it a roulade!!

Today all cards are done and DH actually got our tree and decs out of the loft without his Bah humbug look!! Here is the tree, I am still fiddling with it LOL!!
and here are the 3 wise men a whole year later. Don't think I need an Elf on the shelf do you?