Saturday, 17 December 2011

Nearly Christmas

Today I did the class LO for the frame seen below which Anita planned and bought the scrummy My Minds Eye ," found and Lost"
I have lit the candle tonight which is smelly and Christmassy whilst I watch the Come Dancing Final...I want Harry from Mc Fly to win :)

All the presents are now wrapped and under our tree and I feel very Christmassy this year and DH isn't being so Bah humbug either !

Xanthe ,Mummy and Zachary came this week she is finally over chicken pox and Grandad didn't catch it either!!

The skies and weather have been very interesting too

Here is a photo of the sky at 4pm the other evening with blue skies, sunset and a black cloud/ sleet cloud/ rain cloud!!

DGS became a teenager on Dec 13th ...all he wanted was a very expensive Lego box ...he could have had a new TV for this LOL!!

We had the first Christmas meal with friends last week, there were 11 of us and we all shared the meal

The table all set

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  1. Beautiful frame Lynne - lovely to see what you have been up to :)