Sunday, 23 March 2014

23rd March - Catch up Lights and Entrances!!

REFECTION  taken when Viv and Roland where in Hastings for the 365 challenge!! Can you see us both?

Refection on the water on top of a swimming pool
The Sun
 Artificial lights

Christmas lights

NOW ENTRANCES for nthis week
All these taken from Archives
Fire Station in Bar Harbor Maine USA
 Key to entrance at Abu Simbal Egypt
 Entrance to hotel Hurgharda Egypt
 Entrance to a cruise ship
 Entrance to our accomodation in Brittany
 Our front door

23rd March - AWOL

Thank you for your concerns about be being missing (Absent With Out Leave!!!) sorry Kathi to abandon the Lucky 7 for last 21/2 weeks

I hope after Wednesday I can explain, sorry to be mysterious but would rather leave it like that!

Today I have too much time on my hands so thought I would do a catch up and also show you that my scrapping mojo has returned and I finished off several LO's last week.

 Lucky challenge on books   these were the last photos I took
Xanthe chose her favourite books at the moment which are Rhyming books and her fav being Incey Wincey Spider !!

I don't have any childhood books as I have passed them on but AA Milne and Christopher Robin I loved. Also Alice in wonderland.

Here are a few of our book shelves in our house there are more!!

Now the LO's. most of them are my monthly class ones that I must give Anita McDonald for the papers and sketch. I am not sure if I am repeating others shown last year unfinished with no journalling

TheseLO's are my ideas and not from class !!
Can you see Peter in a granson's onesie??
 This LO I have used the programme and ticket for the school production that Zachary was in as Squawk!
OK off to look at last week and the week before challenge now!!

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

4th March - Books Fact or Fiction

I am a fiction lady and never read fact books or autobiography books for pleasure.
Though I wonder if you call cookery books fact books? In that case I have plenty I dip in and out of but never read from cover to cover!!
These are the fact books you will find on my craft room shelf along with some gardening books and books on past history of  Hastings which are Peter's and yes he has read them!! Even scrapping books I have never read properly!!

Monday, 3 March 2014

3rd March - a new week's challenge...BOOKS.

Usually I use my kindle...I have so many books I have bought and not read yet!
Mon the book I am reading......Last week I went to the library to look for travel books for our next holiday, cheaper than buying them :) I tried so hard not to go and look for fiction books but ended up with this book. My eldest son introduced me to this author Linwood Barclay a couple of years ago. When I get a good crime book I cannot put it down!!
Here it is on my pillow to read tonight. I don't often read downstairs during the day, yet on holiday I read anywhere and anytime!!

Sunday, 2 March 2014

2nd March - Cone

This has been a tough challnge week, so pleased today this week has finished!!

Lovely seeing Kathi and Col and family celebrating a daughter's birthday on FB :)

So cone for me has to be a tree or bush though if I wasn't so lazy today I could get a DGC game out with cone shapes to go round a board and take a shot!!.... do you remember when it was buttons LOL and plenty of cone shapes in chess, not a game I ever learn't. Lovely to see Zac and Peter play together as young as he is!

I did find quite a few cones shapes!!

Saturday, 1 March 2014

1st March - Grid and H shape???

I finally found a grid shape yesterday and forgot to post, still puzzling over an H shape. Finding this week a more difficult challenge than I realised!!
Fri - G - This was an airvent in an old chateau in France
 This was a modern tower of the church in St Polin france on the same trip
and taken this photo of Xanthe today in a very large puddle off FB. She has spent weeks with me looking for puddles, today she found this with Mum!!
Now off to look for an H shape???????? OK found a sort of H shape - Scarborough Castle :)
and of course a place I have never been to in London, this was at Heathrow airport!!