Saturday, 1 March 2014

1st March - Grid and H shape???

I finally found a grid shape yesterday and forgot to post, still puzzling over an H shape. Finding this week a more difficult challenge than I realised!!
Fri - G - This was an airvent in an old chateau in France
 This was a modern tower of the church in St Polin france on the same trip
and taken this photo of Xanthe today in a very large puddle off FB. She has spent weeks with me looking for puddles, today she found this with Mum!!
Now off to look for an H shape???????? OK found a sort of H shape - Scarborough Castle :)
and of course a place I have never been to in London, this was at Heathrow airport!!


  1. Lynne, I know what you mean, this week has certainly got the little grey cells working but I have enjoyed it.
    You've got some brilliant pictures today

  2. I bet Xanthe likes 'Muddy Puddles' as it is something to do with Peppa Pig.. my Lyla says 'Muddy Cuddles'!! xx
    You and Viv have really done well this week x

  3. lovely photos great choices