Sunday, 23 March 2014

23rd March - Catch up Lights and Entrances!!

REFECTION  taken when Viv and Roland where in Hastings for the 365 challenge!! Can you see us both?

Refection on the water on top of a swimming pool
The Sun
 Artificial lights

Christmas lights

NOW ENTRANCES for nthis week
All these taken from Archives
Fire Station in Bar Harbor Maine USA
 Key to entrance at Abu Simbal Egypt
 Entrance to hotel Hurgharda Egypt
 Entrance to a cruise ship
 Entrance to our accomodation in Brittany
 Our front door


  1. Lynne. That is a great catch up. I remember the reflections in Hastings well

  2. Yes, a fab catch up, it does work sometimes to bunch all the prompts into one blog doesn't it .. loves x