Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Day 213 - STRONG

Zac and Xanthe today so busy busy!!
We went to the gym today in drizzle and grey skies :(
Zac wanted to be the strong man in Gymnastics!!
 Xanthe was the strong lady with the weights!! So here is my photos, her face looks as if they are 'heavy'!! A STRONGE GIRL?????
Tonight is ironing and Olympics again :)

Monday, 30 July 2012

Day 212 - DIVE

Well I have succumbed to a photo off the TV having said I wouldn't!!
Here is my dive photo as I have been glued to the TV all afternoon. Sad about the British two but 4th in the world isn't bad is it?

 This morning was collecting the cats and food shopping where Sainsbury car park became grid locked as I left at noon...I finally drove out of the car park at 1.30pm...seething, never knew that I could have road rage LOL!! If I had the energy I would be complaining to local and head office about it!

Days 209 - 211 Catch up !

We are back from a wonderful weekend with my 2 college friends and husbands in Chew Magna Somerset. We lost our other friend ( who lived in Canada) this year to bone cancer ages 66yrs and this weekend was specially to remember Sue and look at all the photos we had over the nearly 50yrs we have known her
First some photos of where we stayed

 There is Peter!!
 Here are Pat and Ann
and the 3 of us
DAY  209 FIRE this was the barbie fire cooking marinaded pork

 DAY 210 - RINGS  Ian carrying a table to oblige me with a ring photo!!    
Anne I didn't forget you and here is a sky photo, clouds appeared here in Somerset!!
 Saying a fond farewell to Pat yesterday afternoon
 Coming home we used the motorways and the skies began to look stormy on M3/M25

 and then the rain set in around the same area as the ladies cycling
 DAY 211 - HEAVY rain!!!
I tried hard not to use the Olympic games photos off the TV for my daiy photos. I am now off to see what you have all posted!
Thank you Helen once more for texting me daily, you are a starxxx

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Day 208 - INIFINTE

Oh this was difficult today as a photo!! I immediately thought as a Christian of God, but could not do a photo!
Then  I went for a pedicure and electrolyses (sp) this morning and do you remember she has moved this is the barn today, a roof going up!
So INFINITE I chose the sun as I went to Sainsburys for fruit and flowers to take for a weekend away with friends in Chew Magna Somerset
 Then I thought about our sea so went down to our local beach for this photo.
We are all packed to leave early so Peter can do some fishing pm on Chew Magna Lake and then Sat he will fish again and I will enjoy my college friends company for the day and the men will all do their own thing.
Pub meal Fri night a long boozy meal on Sat then a brunch and home Sunday. Cats went to the cattery this am :(
Will be back, Sunday or Monday xxx


I have a window of computer open and internet provider OK, mornings seem better and in the evening I just get so fed up I walk away from the computer

After our holiday I will sort it all out! 
Yesterday was bonding day for Peter and I !! It was Wednesday again
We decided to go and play bowls so Nanny is here again in her hat!!
  and Peter and multiple of woods!! Photo no 1
For lunch we went to Eastbourne Marina again. We weren't sure how busy it would be but we think people had gone to the beach as it was easy to get a waterfront table.
 Peter with his favourite Pizza
 and me with a second glass of wine!! (courtesy of the management as they forgot to put our order through) and a healthy slad to compensate!!!
 Photo 2 muliples of people for a harbour tour
 Photo 3 multiples of flowers in one of our pots

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Day 206 - 1,2,3

This was a hard prompt today so this is my 1.2.3 photo!! Sorry!!!
A tiring and hot day but enjoyable with both Zac and Xanthe. After breakfast we went to the gym for the morning and after lunch we all went to the beach til after 5pm

 Zac running and about to jump into the foam pit!
 Swinging across the foam pit

 and about to swing across by his arms!! Which he did!
and don't I look like a nanny!!! Didn't bother with my swimming costume and wish I had as Zanthe had no fear of the water and wanted to go out into deeper water!!

Day 205 - NINE

Morning seem better at the moment as last night computer really played up!!
NINE how difficult was that!! Then as I went to put away last week's WC I noticed 9 shapes filled with papers and photos, so this is my photo for NINE!!
Another lovely hot day spent in the garden sewing and reading and not much else!
Peter had bowls until 8pm so I did this Jamie recipe from our Sat paper, a trout wrapped in newspaper and barbequed! It was delicious with new potatoes and beans!

Monday, 23 July 2012

Day 204 - ONE

We had a lovely day but was unable to blog due to computer last night, seems calm this morning so posting before I do the weekly shop
We had a bowls fun day and here I am ONE person having a practise!! before the competition!! I did really well and we won the competition, £24 between 3 of us!!
The raffle prizes!!!
Buffet tea, so much food, I sat outside with the a cuppa and and avoided the food! Not SW friendly
It was a perfect summer's day, bright blue sky, hot sunshine and no breeze
To end the day whilst we were on the seafront, the red arrows did a wonderful display for 20mins over the town. I think it was because it was Pirate Day in the Old Town, a very popular event!

Saturday, 21 July 2012


A  Happier day you will all be pleased to know!!
We were invited to go out of Rye today on our friends boat. They brought Caledris back from the States last year after it being there for 10years and finally got it back in the water a few months ago. This was the first time out in the English Channel this year. I thought Peter would give up his bowls to come today as he loves going out with them but each time the boat has been becalmed!
Here I am arriving this morning
Peter drove me over and said goodbye after taking our photo
 Here is MY THREE'S A CROWD photo couldn't be more perfect for today!

 At their moorings we had to wait for the tide to turn before we could leave.
 Here is the town of Rye as we went down the River Rother to the open sea
 and Rye harbour and the Harbour Masters HQ before the open sea
 It was the Run for Gold races today which we went out to watch
 Here I am at the helm, looking very nervous at first!!!
 John putting the sails down as we came back to the river mouth
 and here we are going back to Rye Harbour 
We were back home at 4pm and I have sat outside in glorious hot sunshine in shorts and top reading and drinking a nice glass of red wine

and about the socks I never lose a pair these days...(I did when the boys lived with us, I swear socks have a life of their own LOL!!) but the seem to change sizes and length somehow and Peter cannpt see that!!!