Thursday, 5 July 2012

day187 - EMPTY

It was going to be an early posting for me today as I had a lot to do today. A full day but we never say an empty day LOL!!! But before we went out my computer closed on me once more, so here I am later than I planned blogging.
I knew what photo I wanted to take as soon as I saw the word! One of my empty cupboards! The are nearly full now as I spent all afternoon starting to put things back 
I also took a photo of my empty breakfast cuppa too!
This part of all our kitchen cupboards that I am putting back, plus some of the fitters tools in our dining room area on our new carpet!! I have now stopped for today
Today was very warm again at 9am and sorry to tell you but sunny too until about 5pm and tonight is another balmy evening. We have unwound the hose and I am about to water our very dry ground!!

I had a lovely morning in town with clothes in M&S just popping in my trolley and then a visit to Santander to see if it is worth moving our bank account for the cashincentives they offer v Nationwide who we are very happy woth. Not going to rush into anything yet but for us it is worth looking at!


  1. I would leave your money where it is, we have had nothing but trouble with Santnder.
    Glad that you are getting your kitchen sorted.

  2. sounds like your kitchen is getting back to normal if you are filling the cupboards up again. Hope your computer starts behaving itself too.

  3. Congratulations for the great pictures!
    Did you know that in some countries may guess on coffee grounds in the cup. Relax!-
    Your cup is of tea!
    Good luck!

  4. I tend to agree with Alison ref Santander, they seem to be one big sales tool...but guess they all are these days. Glad you are getting back to rights in your kitchen x

  5. Great that you are able to refill the kitchen cupboards!

    Loved your photos of Xanthe yesterday- having real trouble with the laptop at the moment!

  6. Soon you will fill in all these cupboards and you will have a fabulous kitchen !

  7. I wouldn't go to Santander if I was you - both R and I have moved all our money from them. We were long term loyal Abbey National customers but once Santander took over we had nothing but grief. All their call centres are in India so you have to go into branch to sort the problems out - they only ever have two tills open at a time and usually the queue goes out of branch and down Terminus Road. They wouldn't let me bank charity donations as will only accept no more than £5 in loose change per day into an account and they won't let you have a cheque out of your account for less than £1,000 - ask me on Sunday about the row R had when they refused to let him to do an over counter withdrawal as it was only for £900. My parents have also moved all their accounts away from them too, I can't think of a single nice thing to say about them LOL!!!!

  8. Ahh, how lovely to be starting to fill them back up!

  9. It really looks like your kitchen is coming on. It wouldn't surprise me if you don't get yours finished before we do.