Friday, 20 July 2012


Today hasn't been a good day, I should be over the moon that everything is finished and looks lovely but for some unexplained reason I have the blues...only woman understand this don't we?
I got up late and fiddled in my craft room,  I wanted to do the  weekly challenge on UKS and had some ideas but for a few months now my mojo has disappeared with the hot summer we were promised!

Any way nothing much to say about today except it has remained dry, lots of washing done and dried and now our bed needs to have fresh linen on before we go to bed. We both gardened pm, I pottered as I didn't want to be there in my contrary mod and Peter as usual plodded on til he has just come in tired out!! We are def not a matching pair today
I immediately thought about my earrings, I often lose one of a pair so don't have any expensive ones!

Then I thought about my duck pairs in the kitchen that I collect, here are 1 pair very in love!
 I did look up matching pair but....didn't understand what it was all about so went with my thoughts on tennis and sports and then....of course Peter's socks!!!
He cannot MATCH A PAIR together as you can see on the LH side all these 4 socks are pairs as far as he is concerned, I think you can see they are different sizes and different shades too.My matching pair are on the RH side

Let's hope tomorrow I will feel much happier and not spoiling for a row either!


  1. Lynne, I was on the floor reading your blog about the socks. It must be a man's stuff because I have the same problem here. I can't find a matching pair of socks for Dennis. Also add to that that that some of them are getting lost on the trip to the laundry basket (you tell em how...) so they end up single.
    And as I can see on your photo your hubby also have them all in the same color. Same here. So when I wash I have to try to match dark greys, whole blacks, old blacks. It is a nightmare. I even threatened to buy a pair of red and a pair of yellow and a pair of pink so my job in matching would be easier.
    Men !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Oh and I hope you feel better soon tomorrow. May it's just you were so busy and there were so any people around that now it's strange to be back to normal. xxx

  3. Love your ducks in love! - great take on today's word x

  4. Well, at least Peter ends up with four! I keep ending up with odd numbers when it comes to Thadd's socks! I made him start buying all of his socks the same. Either all black or all navy blue. Anything color has to have some sort of design!

  5. Laughed at the socks,my DH is very particular about his socks, it's his mother who lives with us and pairs up the socks - nightmare!

  6. Oh lynne I know how you feel, I felt a bit down today too. It will be strange for you for a while with no project after the room and now the kitchen...but you have a lovely holiday to look forward to. x

  7. Matching socks up is a nightmare. when my granddaughters were little I used to buy them socks for Easter and I used to have to embroider a tiny coloured socks in the toes, blue for Nickie and red for Jayne, I think. so they kept their own matching pairs.

  8. I try to get all the guys in our house different logos but I still fall foul of the sports ones.. I so know what you mean about irrational downs.. you just have to remember that when they are done you won't make any sense of them.. love xxx

  9. Yes, irrational downs are a women's lot, and we so think about them a lot and analyse them which is a good thing. Hopefully you will feel more yourself tomorrow.
    Now then, socks, no hope in our house, we truly believe that the children take them off in the lounge, they throw one over the back of a chair, or stuff them down the side and leave one on the floor. WIERD! xxx

  10. For quite some time I want to write here!
    This couples with matched socks is a very difficult task!
    /In the washing machine is a monster. It eats every time a different pair of socks!/
    Congratulations for a great idea!