Friday, 13 July 2012

day 194 - MOTORIZED

Have you missed me? I am having problems with my computer, especially with my photos in Picasa, the computer keeps closing:!! I tried to upload yesterday but gave up.
Any way Thursday I went to my scrapping class with Anita M yesterday morning and then passed through Battle and saw all the 'Olympic' scarecrows at Battle.  Helen had kindly texted me the prompt as I had totally forgot 365 this morning!! I cannot believe that I had forgotten but needed to print some photos and everytime I went on Picasa my computer closed !!!
Peter and I gardened in sunshine pm and then he went to the tip and we passed through Battle and I got dropped off
Here is my photo for MOTORIZED
 and here is a collage of thee Olympic scarecrows, they were so good and have been in some showers too!!


  1. someone has been very busy with the scarecrows, they look great....and yes I missed you too :)

  2. I missed you too.. did you know Penzance and Hastings have kind of twinned and are rivals for the 'most people dressed as Pirates' ' competition!!.. or so it says in our local paper!