Sunday, 1 July 2012

Day 183 - GRUMPY

Back again to blog earlier tonight, dinner is ready as it is the footie final tonight, but Peter has gone out to see a friend and not come back (need a long piece of elastic!!) so I decided to come and blog now.
Here is Peter's son Alun cutting the hedge, we had a couple of showers...yes rain!!.. and then sun all day but very windy

 and the foreman sweeping and clearing up!! I am still in my dressing gown with a camera at our bedroom window...BUT have cleaned the bedroom :)
 After a sandwich which I ate in glorious sunshine and Peter watching TV, we then tackled all the shelves, emptying some and putting back others and throwing outdated products...guess we all have these?
 It looks so good and so clean now and ready for the carpenter to make a mess tomorrow LOL

So this word today GRUMPY! Unfortunately though we worked together all day , Mr Grumps didn't arrive in our house...typical!
As we are all doing I Googled to find something although I knew what the word meant and Peter is called Mr Grumps by all our grown up children which isn't fair as he is very good natured BUT can look like Richard Briers  sometimes and say things like him but guess it is his age!!
So when you Google you find this website for children LOL!!
 and this is very interesting!
an Australian psychology expert studying emotions found that being grumpy makes us think more clearly???
A grumpy person can cope with more demanding situations than a happy one because of  how  the brain promotes information through processing srategies!!
Those in a bad mood out perform those who are jolly!!
Well we have had a very happy day and we are never really grumpy so it doesn't bode well for our brains does it? LOL!!


  1. You made me laugh so much Lynne. Excellent research !xx

  2. Oh I think being happy is more productive then being grumpy. Pleased you all had a happy day and doing well with the kitchen.

  3. Roland and my brains won't last long either although I do get grumpy now and again.

  4. Grumpy might make people more productive but it doesnt do much for those around them! Yes, we all have those out of date products, I had a clear out the other week. lOoks like it has been a VERY productive day in your house.

  5. Glad to hear that I'm not the only one who doesn't have to get dressed before starting on the household chores.

  6. Yes, even though we seem to have a regular clean-out there is always something lurking.

    Good research but I must agree to differ :) Glad no grumpies visited today :) xxx

  7. Gosh- my one daughter must be amazing at processing info!!!!! She was having a non grumpy day today though.

    ...good for you, and for ME?
    Now I understand why my boss is always angry & GRUMPY - just so he can think!
    /If it was not Sunday, I certainly would be shoot him!/

    1. Perhaps you could today...Monday!!!

    2. Dear Lynne,
      I have something for you in my blog.