Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Day 199 continues....The Olympic Torch arrives in our home town Hastings

 After our school run and back to Zac and Xanthe's house we finally left at 5pm. On our way back to Hastings I decided I would go and see the Olympic Torch arrive in hastings, I had an hour to drop Peter off, get across town with roads closed! Park in friend's driveway and walk the last part.
I did it!
Here is the next torch bearer waiting for the change over 
One of several official coaches and cars

 and the flame arrives carried by a very proud man and fortunately walking and not running!!

 I then drove home and was in time to see the news and took these photos off the TV!!
 An exchange of the flame in Bexhill
 Hastings see front another exchange, very BUSY photo I think!! 
 The end of the flame relay in Hastings today
 and when I got home all the tiles are on the walls! Just grouting and floor tiles now!!


  1. What a nice event to be part of ! We missed the torch relay in Southampton, we were too worried at the time to go anywhere.
    Your kitchen looks splendid.

  2. great photos and a very busy torch relay!

  3. Oh, wonderful event! Very exciting!
    Thank you for sharing this with us! - great photos!

  4. Your kitchen is close then.. looking forward to tile choosing and stuff myself soon.. well I guess next year now, but the job is on the list.. x

  5. Oh, how exciting to be able to see the torch coming in. Thank you for sharing something I would not have probably seen unless it was on TV.