Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Day 305 - FEAR

I thought at first I would use Halloween and discuss my feelings on celebrating this but after talking about fear with Peter as we went out for the day we both have the same fear, illness and hospital! I have never been in hospital except to have 2 children so I suppose I am very fortunate at 67 but since I have never experienced it my fear is growing and I just hope I die before ever experiencing this!!

 Peter's other fear is how I spend money (but it is only money we have got) His fear is that one day we won't have any, well I say "we came with nothing and we leave with nothing"!!
Here I am outside Dunelm today in lovely sunshine
 The is the boot of our car with scrapping stuff, tablecloths Christmas presents for several members of the family and a TV for my craft room with 15% off with DD's discount card and £62 saved in points all year :)

No photos as blogger is messing around and won't allow me to upload any more photos and I am out tonight so haven't time to mess around,

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Day 304 - QUIRKY

Well I looked this word up this morning as although I use this word occasionally I hadn't a clue what to take a photo of!! After seeing the words. odd, weird I remembered the 'weird presents one friend often gives me with a laugh, I usually don't laugh and think how weird they are!!

This website might be of interest too!! Amazing where that woman gets all those quotes from!!

Well here are photos of some of my gifts
This was a photo taken in 2010 when we the 365ers did our 'pet' challenge I had a dog called Clemmie!! I think the gift was a feather duster!!

Here is a wine glass which is rather large even for me! An ice scrapper for our car and a nutmeg grater, All rather quirky!

Monday, 29 October 2012

Day 303 - STATUE

I won't be going out today so I am using another photo from last week in Reims France
This statue is in the River Somme and represents Les Hortillonnages which are over 300 hectares of floating veg and floral gardens in Reims

Some typical houses on the Somme at Reims

 Here are a few photos we took of these gardens

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Day 302 - DARK

The clocks went back last night so we were awake at 7am, I clung to my snug bed til 8am reading and it looked so cold was when we went to church at 10am!!
I suppose I could wait until teatime to show how dark it is :(  but decided to find a photo of the interior of a large cathedral which always seems dark and gloomy, I actually hate looking at very large and old church interiors. This one was the catherdral at Reims that we took our friends to see. I have actually used Picasa to slightly darken the photo as the flash had shown it as quite bright LOL!!
I really hate the winter months, I should have emigrated to warm and sunny pastures years ago but would miss my England!! This particular week ahead is the worst for me
1 ending of summer time
2 Halloween, why do we have to follow the Americans and celebrate the pagan festival Halloween in such a big way? Even Strictly last night had the Halloween theme, we turned it off, (mind you I was feeling poorly)
3. Nov 5th with all those fireworks frightening animals, young children and ME!! Apart from the money spent on fireworks and parties
Well bar humbug is off to scrap for the afternoon and wait for the darkness to come

Day 301 - CROOKED

I didn't feel well yesterday an upset stomach started on coming home from our meal on Friday night until this morning so didn't post yesterday

I had 2 things in mind for crooked
This piece of drftwood we found on the beach in S Island NZ
and the box of wine full of crooked bottles from France still sitting in our hall
I wanted to compare our photos 27 yrs later from our wedding day!!

No I haven't shrunk, had high heels for wedding day!!

Friday, 26 October 2012


Wow day 300 and sadly only 66 days more of this challenge left!
 I agree with everyone left doing this challenge that I too would like to continue next year with a weekly challenge that we all take turns in giving the prompts during the year.

Todays word was orange, not a colour to be found in my house!  We don't eat oranges and I don't wear the colour either. OK we have an orange sim card kept solely for orange Wednesdays (2 for 1 at the cinema)

I went to meet my friend Carol for coffee this morning in Sainsburys and voila!(do you like the french Anne?!!)and  there was my orange photos!!
It is a wet and miserable day here in SE England so glad to be home for the day. Peter is playing indoor bowls this lunchtime and then we will open our wedding anniversary cards when he comes in and we are going out for a meal tonight with friends. We have been married 27 yrs today :) I was 40 and he was 50yrs old!

Thursday, 25 October 2012

France for 4 days DAYS -296 - 298 and Day 299

Hi we are back after a fab time with friends, an Indian summer with temps between 22C - 20C and warm evenings too! and blue skies and sunshine. Lots of fun, food and wine too!! Yes Anne we love France!!

If you don't want to see all these photos skip now!!

Sunday 21st October we travelled on a new PO ferry ship. Usually we go via  the tunnel so going on the ferry was an experience we had forgotten!
 It had very few passengers

 We arrived in Calais at 4pm, it was dull and grey!!
Monday 22nd  Peter and David the following morning, a sunny day

Here is our B&B a really old farm house surrounded by 4 walls and a gated entrance 
WE spent the morning at the market and walked from the carpark past this window...guns for sale?!!! 
 Time for coffee, Dave and Linda enjoying the warm sunshine :)
 I have just bought some shoes in the market and wearing them!!
 We went to find a really old chateau nr Reims
The wonderful view as we ate our lunch in the chateau grounds
 end of lunch
 This was the floor in the hall of the chateau
 Liquid refreshment on our waqy back to the B&B!!
 A pub with it's own brewery in St Pol before we had our evening meal!

 DAY 297 - FAMILY PORTRAIT had to do this on our return. I took the idea from Suzie
This is about a portrait of Peter and I...., for me laptop, camera and red wine! For Peter, trout fishing, bowls and music
Tuesday 23rd October in Reims
 we visited the area called Les Hortillages

 We then went to a site where a whole battalion from New Foundland Canadian Battalion at Beaumont- Hemel, died in the 1st world war
The memorial site had a Cariboo statue on the top. It was very moving

 Our roads took us through rich agricultural farmland, These were definitely not potatoes but what are they?
We even found poppies in the Somme area
 They were beautiful
 We ate our last night in a hotel restaurant, here linda is catching up on her diary!
 Dave and I
 24th October on our way back to Calais, typical roads in rural France 

DAY 298 - FREE CHOICE - I did 2 photos 
Shopping in Lidls's St Pol sur Ternoise
 In our car about to get off the ferry at Dover
DAY 299 - HEART WARMING I received lots of photos today of the wedding which took place before my friend Sue died. Her daughter Michelle had a private wedding on 28th December 2011 in Sue's living room whilst Sue was still alive and then had at her actual wedding a blessing in August after Sue died and the actual wedding meal

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Day 295 - CLOSE UP

My make up bag as I use it and then we leave!! Be back Thursday :)