Thursday, 11 October 2012

Day 285 - DISTANT

I am away from tomorrow until Monday at a scrapping retreat without internet :( So will be back on Minday playing catch up!!
Today I was going to blog about my distant past but blogger wasn't allowing me in all evening!!
Now it is time for bed so here is a collage of photos I have of my family and myself as a baby and a child of about 6-8yrs, very distant memories for me!! It shows my Grandad and Mum bottom left. My mum and dad in 30's courting top middle. Bottom R my Mum, her sister and parents in 1930's I think!

Another DLO finished from Anita M's class in September of my Step son and family, there are more photos in the 2 booklets
Have a good weekend everyone, I will!!


  1. That's a fantastic collage Lynne. Have a great time at your retreat ! xx

  2. great photos and a lovely layout. Enjoy your weekend and look forward to hearing from you on Monday.

  3. Have a great weeknd, I have done one or two and come home really draiwned, but with so much to show for it.. xx
    Don't glasses fashion change! ;-)

  4. Enjoy your retreat, Lynne. I'm looking forward to seeing the photos.
    The prompt evoked memories for me as well.