Friday, 5 October 2012


Another home day and knew I just had to look in my photo folders for local sites....2 hrs later and a lot of reminiscing I have pulled out my local landmark. I couldn't decide between
Hastings Castle which is slowly eroding away from the salty sea air 
 Or our famous net huts in our Old Town , the only ones in the UK 
As you can see our Hastings sign as you enter Hastings  is of the net huts
 and just to finish off about Hastings here is another sign as you enter Hastings 
Ironing still not done but going to shower, get dressed...yes 11.51am and then iron before finishing the WC.:)


  1. Congratulations Lynne - a great place! Wonderful landmarks! Thanks for this virtual tour!
    Very interesting post!
    / I think your own picture is missing here -
    you and Peter! /

  2. You know I think I have been to Hastings, it was about this time of year and not great weather.. I wish I remembered it better! Maybe having two babes in tow was the problem! Love those net huts. Enjoy the lazy days, I am sure you deserve them.. and thanks for being so nice to JB.. haven't been to FBk yet.. will get there later xxx

  3. Wow, where you live is beautiful, Lynne. It looks like it's full of character, I love it !

  4. I hadn't heard of the net huts either. Great photos. x

  5. Your town is certainly worth visiting, Lynne. It is a lovely place. Lovely Photos

  6. great photos and must be a day for ironing- I did my great pile too, hope you got some scrapping done too. So nice to see the sun shining in the photos too...