Saturday, 31 March 2012

Day 91 - GAMES

DH is not a games person but I came from a family that played card games like pontoon for buttons, half pennies and pennies at Christmas!!
Over the years we have gathered commercial games to play with the family at Christmas and with friends very occasionally. This game called Cranium we bought having had great fun with friends when we stayed with them in Canada but hasn't been played very often here :(
Last Christmas I bought Cluedo crackers in a sale (yes before Christmas!!) and New Year's day we had a family with older DGC for a meal and we played Cluedo and we had great fun and have kept the cracker box and the pieces to play again sometime???

Friday, 30 March 2012

Day 90 - HUMOUR

I looked this word up in the dictionary this morning and it means 1) state of mind 2) mood 3) inclination 4) whim and it goes on.
Well I decided I am a happy person but not humourous. I don't laugh at slap stick or comedy much but at Christmas we saw 2 of our older DGC and one had an apps on his phone for altering peoples face, this is what happened to DH and myself, now that I did find funny!
Today I continued with my spring cleaning of my craft room sorting all the little containers where I put odds and ends after scrapping. Why don't I put them away LOL! In between I am clearing winter clothes to make room for summer clothes and have a huge pile of jumpers for the charity shop!

Thursday, 29 March 2012


Sunrises and sunsets are my favourite photos. Getting a daybreak photo is hard as I don't ususally get up until 8ish. This morning I managed this photo at 7.30, daybreak for me!
The times I do get daybreak photos are on holiday. Here is the Nile at 4.30am!!

and sunrise from a cruise to Nova Scotia 2 years ago at 6am

Same scene as this morning but taken in 2011 during our snow week

Catch up time again!

Well I have finally caught up. Have been snapping daily whilst away but no wifi.

Then I came home to chaos in my craft room as it had been decorated by Simon (the decorator) whilst I was away! He actually finished the downstairs and hall on the Wednesday but stayed on 2 days to finish the week doing other decorating round the house which is wonderful. no carpet until April 14th. The 3 piece hasn't arrived from warehouse to the shop yet :( and no curtains made yet either!!

Day 88 - 9AM

Here comes the 9am bus which DH catches 4 days a week to his 'little' morning job! Today I am going to town with him.


Just have to have salad whenever I can!


No more to say except I never leave the bedroom before doing my hair!!

Day 85 - 9PM

Well of course Sun night at 9pm just had to be Homeland on TV for me! All my retreat pals were busy scrapping but me! Mind you we had just watched the final of Dancing on Ice, so pleased Matthew won!


Saturday night, my room mate took several of me going to bed!! This is the one I am allowing to be published with a fuzz effect, thanks to Picasa!

Day 83 - CLOCK

Leaving home for my long journey to Wiltshire to my scrapping weekend.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

The weekend

Just to say that I have just found out that there probably isn't Wifi at the property we are going to. So if I am not around, Iam fine and enjoying myself.
Weather forecast for the weekend is fantastic so just got out my walking boots and throwing in the case T shirt and crops too :D

Day 82 - CALM

It has been a lovely sunny and warm Spring day today. This morning I went for a pedicure before my retreat weekend. Whilst In was there I spied all these massage oils and thought they would make a good photo for CALM. I personally hate massages and yoga and they definitely do not calm me!
I got home and found Simon decorating a wall in my craftroom. He should have finished yesterday but we have employed him to the end of the week to do odd jobs in the upstairs rooms. He is now doing our bathroom and ceilings. Tomorrow he will do some of the doors on the otherside of the ones he has already painted, then we say goodbye to him. He seems to have become part of the family in the last 3 weeks!!
As I said I am off to Wiltshire tomorrow on a scrapping retreat with The Crumblies SG on UKS. All 10 of us are going from Friday - Monday. Here is the car partly packed with tools...Big Shot, Big Bite, BIA, lamp, extension leads, diecuts, punches, alphas etc. (all but the kitchen sink )LOL!!

I am so excited but dreading the journey alone and really hate motorway driving. It will be about a 4hr drive. We don't have a satnav but I am borrowing one from DStepD

Tonight I need to pack some clothes, and sort out some kits too! Will be posting from Wiltshire tomorrow evening!

Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Today's prompt made me think of so many routine sights especially in the morning. The first was the first morning cup of tea for DH and myself and the VitC and echinacea tablet that I am taking to try and stop me having DH's stinking cold LOL!!
Then I took the tea upstairs to our bedroom and realised that everyday I take 6 tablets together for thyroid, BP, knee and neck pain !! Here is my weekly container and please note, I forgot to take my tabs yesterday (Tuesday!!)

Then of course the everyday sight since 6th February has been dehumidifiers trying to dry out the water which was in the walls and skirting (the skirting was removed 2 weeks ago).

The 2 industrial dehumidifiers from Chem Dry have finally gone this morning and we have switched the other 2 off now as they seem to be sucking up moisture from under the concrete floors. Thank goodness as they were so noisy and I am about to find out what the cost has been for electricity!!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Day 80 - QUIET

This was a hard one as our house is very noisy with 3 dehumidifiers still going 24/7! Then Xanthe found 'dolly' and kept sshing me as dolly was asleep. Here she is going ssh to me to be QUIET in her car seat as we went to collect her brother from school!

Day 79 - PLAY

Sorry I went AWOL on Monday . I was playing hard getting things ready for a SG retreat on Friday! I cannot show you what I was scrapping as it is a surprise for Friday, we are doing a jigsaw swap!!
So for my PLAY photo I took one today (Tuesday) of DGD Xanthe who just loves drawing, we had to try and keep her in her high chair whilst we were at home as the decorator was painting the radiators!!

Mothering Sunday

Here is a collage of some of the photos we took on our afternoon out with my youngest DS and his family. We went to Ightham Mote a NT north of Tonbridge. None of us had been here before. We really enjoyed the house and the gardens and hope to visit again soon.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Day 78 - HOBBY

Yoday's word was HOBBY which of course is scrapping!! I did this all day yesterday but today although it is our special day as a Mum, I won't be scrapping today as family are popping in am then late am we are going out to meet my younger son and family [Zac and Xanthe] at a NT property Igtham Mote that we have never been to before.
Here is a photo of some stash. Cannot show you what I was doing on some jigsaw pieces yesterday as they are a secret for a swap at a retreat next weekend!
Hope to upload photos from today when we get home tonight.
Have a lovely day everyone and hope the sun is shining as it is here at the moment!!

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Montana Rose Band '' She's Got You''

Found some there was plenty of choice but couldn't get it onto my last post!!

Day 77- MUSIC

My DH is the real music lover in our household. he has always been a great Counrty and Western lover especially Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard etc more male singers than female but Eva Cassidy and Celine Dion are often played too! In later years I notice he has become a fan of groups and choirs too.
Tonight we should have been going to an open air FREE concert with the Fishermen's Friends playing for the opening weekend of the new Jerwood Gallery in Hastings.
I am [laying the music on my laptop at the moment as it is pouring with rain and I don't think we will be going, very disappointed!
I am not really an auditory listener and much prefer visual, therefore a TV lover or cinema and theatre but when we were in Montana several years ago we saw this group and I still like playing it occasionally and think about the several visits to The Big Sky country. We are hoping for another visit this year but have made no plans yet!

I am going to try and find some of their music on You tube now!

Friday, 16 March 2012

Day 76 - BLISS

When I worked my holidays were bliss to relax with a good book in warm sunshine away from planning, marking and reports!! Now I have retired things have changed! It is still bliss to sit in warm sunshine - which we had yesterday LOL!! But today I am scrapping all day in my craft room with no interruptions except to chat occasionally with Simon our decorator who is now papering the hall! Now this is what I call BLISS!!

Anita's class LO - March

Here is yesterday's class LO finished this morning, I am unhappy about the top RH edge of bling but on trying to take them off the photo started to tear!!
The papers Anita chose for the class are My Mind's Eye - Lost and Found and next month's class we shall be using more MME papers which are so yummy!!

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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Day 75 - WILD

What a lovely day it has been weather wise, we finally had the warm sunshine once the sea mists burnt off in some areas around us.
My friend Carol and I went to our monthly scrapping class which lovely Anita M runs at Cardinal Colours. After our class we went out for lunch and wanted to sit in some sunshine so found our favourite garden centre near where we crop. We would have gone to Eastbourne Marina but nr the coast still looked very misty! Today would have been carol's late DH's 80th birthday!! She was brilliant and very cheerful. We managed to part with some money at the garden centre and then visited Jill at Cardinal Clours for more stash shopping, I bought the Bo Bunny Barfefoot and Bliss collection - some yummy beach style papers for 2012 :)
Here we are after a leisurely lunch.
On our way to Eastbourne and back home we brainstormed the word 'WILD' I had my camera with me and thought about looking for overgrown vegetation, then Carol wanted me to look for wild animals, we saw a rabbit but he disappeared before I got my camera on! Then I decided to think about wild flowers but of course I have loads of photos of wild alpine and flowers in the USA and NZ but didn't want to look in my archives. Then we came across lots of primroses growing WILD on the road side, so here is todays photo!

Anne now has me looking at trees after seeing all the wonderful photos from her 'park' LOL

So here is the 'wild' tree I found today!!

I have tried hard not to mention our decorating but today I had to take a photo of our decorator's paint can!! It is a plastic milk container cut away and I think it makes a really good container!!
Can you see there is wallpaper on the walls and it has been painted too:)

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Day 74 - Unusual camera angle

Yesterday was the day I have Xanthe and then pick up Zac from school and take him home where he gets ready for Beavers. He wanted me to take some photos of all the badges he has got since he started over a year ago!
Today we were out all day so just knew I would forget about this shot, so took this photo as we were going out at 10am! Not very inspirational I know, sorry!!

Tuesday, 13 March 2012


When I saw this prompt I immediately thought about tree shapes! I had no opportunity to take any photos of this prompt today but coming home in the car I began to reflect on the bigger picture of shapes of mountains I have been lucky enough to see around the world, then I thought about the different flower shapes especially the daffodil around at the moment and animal shapes expecially underworld creatures. This makes me more aware of my belief in God did really create our wonderful world!
I have cheated with an Autumn photo taken at Sheffield Park on an Autumn day 2 years ago

Monday, 12 March 2012

Day 72 - GARDEN

What a glorious start to the day, after breakfast and shopping with DD I came home with the intention of going out into the garden and tidying up and cutting back for the first time since Oct!
Well first I just had to PVC clean out front door and surround as the sun showed me how neglected it was! After lunch DH mowed and I pruned and then we set to to rake all the moss we could out of the lawn, they are in a bad way :( By then the lovely warm sunshine disappeared behind the damp rolling mist from the sea so we came in and I then cooked and ironed, a very busy day for me!!
We were asked today, "what is happening in our garden", well I did managed a photo of a part of the back garden that needs some TLC later this week but the crocuses and daffs are in bloom and tulips will soon flower follwed by irises

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Day 71 - HIDING

Gosh I thought this word for a photo today was really difficult!
All day I thought on and off about what photo to take and then finally forgot and then we went out tonight for a birthday meal with friends to celebrate DH's birthday which was yesterday.
As I took lots of photos of DH opening presents and cards, I realised that I had today's photo...
DH deep in hidden thoughts about the 'flies' for trout fishing that friends bought him!!

He was hiding his thought...Wonder really what he was thinking, .....we will never know!! but I will have a good guess LOL!!

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Another plant!

Having just uploaded my plant for today, my late neighbour's (dear Kay who died very suddenly 3 weeks ago) son Andrew has just popped in with this plant for me as a thank you for our support and some chocolates for DH who is 77 today! He is trying to lose weight and has received boxes and boxes of chocolates today, guess that is what you buy an older man LOL!! I didn't we have tickets to listen to a 12piece swing band with supper on March 30th from me :)

Day 70 - PLANT

It is has been a beautifu; warm spring like day today but I haven't been outside! I have been busy prepping for retreat I am going on in 2 weeks time. I am getting excited!!
So my plant today is not from the garden but my kitchen which is still OK! These 2 poinsetta's seem oblivious to all the house problems and continue to flourish since mid Dec. One from M&S and the smaller one from a prison where my DstepS is an officer and the inmates grew these last year!

Friday, 9 March 2012


A collage today about FUZZ LOL!! I went to Sainsbury this morning to get 2 cakes for DH's birthday tomorrow, gone are the days when I proudly make cakes since we don't eat cake so happy to buy off the shelf for family :) Decided to take photos of products to get rid of frizz on hair, I don't have that problem!
Then I realised I was off to have a pedicure, waxing and removal of facial hair(electrolysis) too so lots of fuzz to be removed :) So todays photo is a collage :)

Thursday, 8 March 2012


We have a bath which neither of us use so bathtime for us is a shower!
This is what DH uses for his shower. I like to use a tablet of soap!

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Day 67 - FLOOR

DH and I have been out all day so I text a friend re the photo prompt as we drove this morning to Eastbourne to a larger B&Q, for our lounge emulsion paint and wallpaper for our hall. DH thought I meant 'flaw' when I told him the word LOL !!
Well we then went to the cinema pm to see The Exotic Marigold Hotel, a really funny,enjoyable feel good film and hen tonight I had housegroup meeting and totally forgot about the photo until 10mins ago!!
Instead of another photo of marley tiles, I thought I would take a photo of our landing floor which has now been without carpet since the end of January. The hall in now a work in progress so slowly we are getting there!!

Tuesday, 6 March 2012


Tonight's dinner was all in one veg and beef casserole made yesterday, which we have just eaten. It was yummy. Not sure if it looks very yummy cold? Photo taken before reheating it!!

Monday, 5 March 2012

Scrapping update

This week the WC week1 in March has been set by my social group The Crumblies so I did this LO for the group several week's ago
We had a sketch to follow, had to show distressing and use 5 different papers.
I am looking forward to see other peeps on UKS's interpretation of our sketch.
Last week WC for week 4 Feb we also had to follow a sketch, make our own flowers, add butterflies and show some sewing, I'm afraid I forgot about the sewing until I had uploaded! So only earned 25 points. This was a LO for my Egyptian album 2011

Now I am off to continue with my jigsaw pieces, photos to come after our Crumblies retreat on 23rd March :)


A good word for my photo for today. Always on Mondays the 'girls' [DDIL, DGD and DStepD] and I have breakfast at Sainsburys. We call it breakfast club and it started when DDIL had maternity leave for DGD in 2010. Sadly this arrangement will stop this week as DDIL starts working on Mondays from next week.
This also could be my photo for today. Xanthe has Auntie Jo's phone and she looks as though she is arranging her day on the phone while eating her toast!

I am off to upload some LO's I did in February, not a lot of scrapping got done that month :(

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Day 64 _ CHAIR

I have been at an all day crop today and this is the chair I have been sitting on from 10am - 5pm. Now I am home and have been sitting on another upright chair but off to lay on our bed and have some comfort to watch TV for the rest of the evening!

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Day 63 - FLAT

Well I seem obsessed by our leak but really things are going well and I promise soon I won't mention it!!
Today with the word flat I thought about our floor which seems flat but the water pipes and cracks underneath cannot be flat since the wall and skirting at the otherside of the room has also got wet in the last month. The 4 de humidifiers drone on 24/7 and last night we collected 8litres again, the water is not receding yet:(