Friday, 30 March 2012

Day 90 - HUMOUR

I looked this word up in the dictionary this morning and it means 1) state of mind 2) mood 3) inclination 4) whim and it goes on.
Well I decided I am a happy person but not humourous. I don't laugh at slap stick or comedy much but at Christmas we saw 2 of our older DGC and one had an apps on his phone for altering peoples face, this is what happened to DH and myself, now that I did find funny!
Today I continued with my spring cleaning of my craft room sorting all the little containers where I put odds and ends after scrapping. Why don't I put them away LOL! In between I am clearing winter clothes to make room for summer clothes and have a huge pile of jumpers for the charity shop!


  1. My dd would LOVE that app!!!

    I'm in the middle of reorganising! Hoping to get Emma's new wardrobe tonight- so probably half of her clothes will go for recycling.

  2. That is such a terrific photo, you had me laughing like anything. You need to print it so you can look at it when you don't feel too good !

  3. great photos lynne. well done with the sorting

  4. Spring cleaning and reorganizing - what a boring chore. But one does feel very well when it's over. So good for you. The photos are so funny - I think that one of the best types of humour is that you don't take yourself too seriously.

  5. Those photos are really funny Lynne. They should give you a laugh in the future if you're feeling down

  6. Well I am laughing my socks off at these pictures - I know I have seen them before but I just think they are hysterical!!

    Good luck with the spring cleaning

    Karen x