Thursday, 22 March 2012

Day 82 - CALM

It has been a lovely sunny and warm Spring day today. This morning I went for a pedicure before my retreat weekend. Whilst In was there I spied all these massage oils and thought they would make a good photo for CALM. I personally hate massages and yoga and they definitely do not calm me!
I got home and found Simon decorating a wall in my craftroom. He should have finished yesterday but we have employed him to the end of the week to do odd jobs in the upstairs rooms. He is now doing our bathroom and ceilings. Tomorrow he will do some of the doors on the otherside of the ones he has already painted, then we say goodbye to him. He seems to have become part of the family in the last 3 weeks!!
As I said I am off to Wiltshire tomorrow on a scrapping retreat with The Crumblies SG on UKS. All 10 of us are going from Friday - Monday. Here is the car partly packed with tools...Big Shot, Big Bite, BIA, lamp, extension leads, diecuts, punches, alphas etc. (all but the kitchen sink )LOL!!

I am so excited but dreading the journey alone and really hate motorway driving. It will be about a 4hr drive. We don't have a satnav but I am borrowing one from DStepD

Tonight I need to pack some clothes, and sort out some kits too! Will be posting from Wiltshire tomorrow evening!


  1. Looks like a great weekend- hope you get time to do a spot of reading too!

    My friends all had a spa day with a massage for their 40th off us all- but when it was my turn they knew I wouldn't go, so I had a bracelet instead!

  2. Another one that doesn't like massages or motorway driving . Have a lovely time at your retreat ( the driving will be worth it)

  3. Have a wonderful weekend ~ and all that calm to look forward to after the motorway drive.

  4. Thank you for your nice comments yesterday, Lynne. These aroma oils are such a good idea. I used to burn them years ago and they are very soothing.

  5. have a lovely weekend lynne

  6. A true crafting spirit; stash and tools first, then clothes! Have a great time!