Thursday, 27 February 2014

27th Feb - Star shape

This was really difficult and I spent all day looking at everything for a star shape!!

I have finally gone to my embellies and found these brads which you can thread ribbon through
Then I saw Viv's blog and realise I had a house plant which occasionally flowers like this. Thank you Viv x
And now some 'moody' sky photos this week. Isn't nice though to have lighter evenings?

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

26th February - Trapezium shape

Gosh I seem to spend all my day looking at shapes this week!!

As i caught the bus to town I got out my phone and snapped this roof opposite the bus stop!
 Then this afternoon I looked at this plaque in my kitchen and decided to add this as I think it is nearly a trapezium shape :) I just love what it says!!

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

25th February - S shape

I immediately thought about rivers for this shape and nr us we have the R Cuckmere meandering to the sea. Alas my photos are somewhere on a disc but not the computer so then I remembered this photo!
Taken from the plane window looking down on Snake river,Wyoming after our stay in Jackson Hole. A good example of the river meandering in the valley with if I remember my geography correctly oxbow lakes!!

It was good to sea Anne blogging yesterday and see one of her shots on her walk with one of her doags and her news.

I must remember to also publish news during these challenges too!  So here are our 1st daffodils in our garden yesterday
Last week we had a Valentine meal for all our friends feb birthdays (3 of them) Here was our table set for the meal. A red rose and bubble bath heart for the lady and chocs for the men :)

Monday, 24 February 2014

24th February - New Lucky 7 challenge week - SHAPES IN THE ENVIROMENT

Before I start this week's I need to blog the last challenge from yesterday.
Window of opportunity
After suddenly leaving collage last May half way through a BTEC course to work with only 1 GCSE and not finding employment to date except a temp job over the Christmas period and not really trying hard to find a job all these months..... Our grandaughter has a real window of opportunity last week and we were so delighted with her having this opportunity to 
a) be offered a job she would love working with horses as a groom
b) good prospects for the future. They were race horses which they race sometimes in Dubai
c) very good money with live in position
Sadly she has let herself and family down badly by giving up the job within 2 days as she found the work too hard, didn't like be told what to do and wanted her comfy bed. She will be 18 in 3 weeks time! Wonder when she will learn life is tough and not a bed of roses at times!!  Any way enough said!!

This week Kathi has used an idea from Viv. So thank you both of you xx
  • Monday ... Semi Circle
  • Tuesday .. 'S' shape
  • Wednesday ... Trapezium (definitely a 'roof' one today)
  • Thursday ... Star
  • Friday ... a Grid
  • Saturday ... 'H' shape
  • Sunday .. Cones
These are the ideas where to find the shapes
  • Tree
  • River / stream
  • Roof /Building
  • Chimney pot
  • Garden planter
  • Clouds
  • Hills
  • Sunshine
Mon - semi circle from the red arrows (planes) performing over Hastings one Summer

Saturday, 22 February 2014

20th - 22nd Feb - more windows

Thursday 20th -traditional window Not sure if this is a traditional window but wanted to show youtt the view from this little church in S Island NZ

Friday 21st -Ornate window From a chapel in the Grand Tetons. It was beautiful! Can you see the log walls?
Saturday 22nd -Small window the windows slits at Bodiam castle for the archers to shoot their arrows!

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

18th Feb - Shop window, 19th Modern window

I am interpreting this in my own way looking at these windows and today whilst in town for both days
Tues - Our local Spa shop the large window is always full of adverting stuck on the inside of the windows
Wed - An optician's window thought this was an interesting and modern window!

Monday, 17 February 2014

17th Feb - New Challenge week - WINDOWS

  • Monday ... my favourite view through a window
  • Tuesday ... Shop or large building window
  • Wednesday ... Modern windows
  • Thursday ... Traditional window
  • Friday ... Ornate window
  • Saturday ... Small window
  • Sunday... a Window of Opportunity (may be easier to write about than photograph!)

MON  Here is my   photo through my bedroom much earlier than I would normally be up!! Not my favourite view but one I wanted to take today before I saw this week's cahllenge!!

30mins later we had no sun and grey skies looking like rain. Later we had warmer and brighter weather. At 11am it was 11C  It has turned colder  this afternoon :(

Sunday, 16 February 2014

15th and 16th Feb - More shapes

Well as I promised Joy more views of our finished room. We put the bedlinen on today :) Then I sat on the bed so it looks as if it needs ironing!!

Sat shape - Diamond 
Yes I own diamonds!! 
Sun shape - Random  Plenty of shapes in Egypt, this was part of a floor pattern
What a horrible week of storms and gales we have had and terrible stories daily on the news of flood victims. Today we had glorious weather blus skies and sunshine all day and washing hung on the line which actually dried!!
Wednesday we took a ride out to thw R Rother and Brede and took these photos. Rather a lot but a record of the floods in 2014!
First we went down to the seafront n hour before high tide

 This was the car park at Bodiam Castle

Friday, 14 February 2014

10th - 14th Feb - New Challenge Week - Shapes

This week Kathi has gone for SHAPES for the week
Mon Square/ Rectangle
Tues - Circle
Wed - Triangle
Thurs - Sphere/oval
Fri - heart
Bed arrived today and DS2 came up trumps and came over and put the two beds flatpacked up in 2 hours, photos tomorrow

Here is the finished room yesterday. The photo looks as though we should have had a new carpet it is blue! ...but we are not having one!! to be honst now the bed is in situ we can hardly see any carpet!!

Sunday, 9 February 2014

7th, 8th and 9th February - Advertising and Blog story and Digital or print?

 What dreadful weather the SW W and S UK are having and anyone living nr rivers. for us we have had high winds and rain daily. last night we had very high winds and the rain lashed down all night. today we had once again sun/rain/hail throughout the day!! I do feel for those in flood areas, will it ever stop? I pray so.
Fri 7th Feb - Power of Advertising
Well I really take no notice of TV advertising, that is when we turn the sound to mute and do things!! Newspapers and magazines really don't tempt me much either, BUT online I surf and get interested. Our next holiday is becos I surfed for friends a holiday in Cyprus! I found this site through Travelzoo
and clicked through the photos......
and found the 50% off price and we were SOLDon the holiday :) We go on 13th April for 1 week :)
Sat 8th - My Blog story
Not sure what this means? I started a blog in feb 2009  with a challenge, I really started blogging in 2010 and more regularly in 2013 I see it as a diary for my family in the future!
Sun 9th Feb - Digital or print?
Interestingly I have found all these photos and negatives before I bought a digital camera and now keep all my photos online. Having sorted the cupboards in our spare room and put all my photo albums in order these albums also stop in 2004. 10 years ago!! I am thinking about starting to print and make up more albums as the family just love looking at them rather than look on my computer

Now to tell you how we are getting on with spare room DIY!! We are left with 1 wall to decorate and then the ordered beds can arrive!
I spent the afternnon gluing all the seams that had dried out over the years!! This wall is where we will put the truckle bed. We are getting used to the bright blue walls that turned out darker than the paint we bought!

Friday, 7 February 2014

4th - 7th February Catch up!!

Tues 4th Feb  - My Craft Heaven
Where is my scrapping mojo? who has it? Sadly it has been missing for quite a while!! A photo of one of our cats who thinks my craft room is her heaven and a safe place!!
Wed 6th Feb - Memorable Sculpture or Art
A photo which has been on our wall. We bought this when we were in Wyoming. It is of the Three Tetons, and a reminder of a wonderful holiday we had there
Thurs 7th Feb - TV Favourites
We have a lot of favourites and are always recording whether we finally watch or delete!!
This is the first page of our library...we have 15 pages of recordings!!
 Tonight we are watching the first part of a new series of DC Banks, we are enjoying it!

Monday, 3 February 2014

3rd February - New week with Lucky 7 - MEDIA MOMENTS ....A picture I love?

This is the theme this week
So I am taking as photo(s) from one of my favourite magazines I get each month!! The pictures in SW Magazine inspire me to continue my weight loss!

Decorating in spare room has started at last :)
 You can see some seams needed gluing...all done now, so let the painting commence!