Friday, 7 February 2014

4th - 7th February Catch up!!

Tues 4th Feb  - My Craft Heaven
Where is my scrapping mojo? who has it? Sadly it has been missing for quite a while!! A photo of one of our cats who thinks my craft room is her heaven and a safe place!!
Wed 6th Feb - Memorable Sculpture or Art
A photo which has been on our wall. We bought this when we were in Wyoming. It is of the Three Tetons, and a reminder of a wonderful holiday we had there
Thurs 7th Feb - TV Favourites
We have a lot of favourites and are always recording whether we finally watch or delete!!
This is the first page of our library...we have 15 pages of recordings!!
 Tonight we are watching the first part of a new series of DC Banks, we are enjoying it!


  1. I love having pictures on the wall to remind me of where we had good times..We have some lovely pictures of snorkeling with shoals of fish!

  2. Loves the pictures. Kitties love to make their own beds don't they? I like DCI Banks as well. I can only get it on YouTube though and it is not very reliable. Lots of times the shows will have Dutch or Swedish subtitles. LOL

  3. I think your scrapping mojo is on holiday with mine, lol. I havent watched dc banks, enjoy.

  4. Think my mojo must be on the same trip. I'm determined to get back into it this year.

    I also watched DCI Banks.