Saturday, 1 February 2014

1st February - View of a frequently visited place(s)

January has gone and I guess Feb will go as quickly too!! Wish the rain would go as quickly now!! I am always amazed how accurate the weather forecast is these days, they said we would have sunny periods and heavy periods of rain today. Twice we have had a clear sky and sun then black sky and rain and it is only 10am
SAT  - View of a frequently visited place I am sure I have shown you these but here we go!
The bathroom and toilet of course
The kitchen next!
The supermarket either here or Sainsburys
Church this time our sister church St Barnabas 6 doors away from our house. We go here very occasionally as the service is short and starts at 9am but we prefer to go to the main church. I also go each Tuesday here to SW group


  1. So funny.. your bathroom view.. I hadn't thought of that as an option! xx

  2. Great idea. Roland thought I should take a picture of my bed.
    I'll ring at the beginning of next week.

  3. Funny, I was going to put a picture of my bathroom as well but I thought it might be taken the wrong way. I definitely go there more than any other place. Great photos!

  4. it looks a lovely modern church lynne, I wonder if it is....will have to take photos of my church sometime. Its a very big church as when it was built they believed the canal would stop there, therefore becoming a didnt though, so a small village has a huge church!!

  5. Funny, funny but contagious - a couple of days I clean our bathroom! /without joke!/