Friday, 29 June 2012


An early posting for me today, not because I am busy but what I will be doing today won't be very interesting. My first job this morning is to start to empty my bottom cupboards out in the kitchen and CLEAN the shelves! OK I know they will need cleaning again after the worktops are in :)
I then have ironing and maybe a chance to read my book in some sunshine that is slowly filtering through the clouds. So watering needs to be done too!
The word today is SILHOUETTE. We use to have silhouette head pictures of my boys sketched one holiday but I have no idea what happened to them now! Probably thrown away.
This morning I took this photo of a silhouette picture my late lovely neighbour Kay made and put in a picture fame, she had been making cards for a couple of years and was very talented. I keep this in my craft room and every time I look at it I am reminded of her
 I did Cheryl Johnson's photography course on UKS a few years ago and we had to take silhouette photos and here they are from my photo archives :)

Thursday, 28 June 2012


WOW free choice, I think I blog as I talk LOL!! Only Helen and Viv have met me IRL!!
So had a fab day but tiring. Woke to sunshine and very warm too, Forecast was rain and earlier thunderstorms, no,, no not here on SE coast!

I had to do bowls full teas today so went to Sainsbury at 8am for the bread etc, then on to Anne at the farm you saw last Sun, she is a beautican (sp) and I have electrolysis every 2 weeks and pedicure once a month
She has just bought a new uniform :)

 Then home with the bowls tea food and here is our window ledge which has to have all the plaster removed as it has 'blown' :(
 and now ready to do the teas, I start at 11am
 and it is now 12am and the fillings are being put on and peter is home ready for some lunch! Thankfully he makes his own lunch and I don't want anything, fed up of seeing sandwiches!!
We are home and it is 5pm, hot sunny and very humid too. Decide to take some photos of our garden
This plant is new a plant from a friend. It has a lovley smell and looks so fresh too 
 We haven't watered for several days as the forecast gave showers but we haven't seen any so our plants were desperate, I sat with a lovely glass of red wine whilst Peyer watered, think I have got this right? !!
 It was so warm we decided to BBQ, 2nd time this year!! Only burgers and sausages and then we ate indoors as a wind whipped up and the sue went, though it is still humid and our outside temp reads 19C
 and just to show you I am still scrapping, not a lot but have a few CJ's to do!

Wednesday, 27 June 2012


I forgot to show you the air vent hole that had been hidden by a tile!! In the wind there is a mighty draft!!
 a closer look
 and the state of the kitchen window sill
Peter's choir friend Jim came this morning to put in a new electric point so we are now having all the holes and damaged plastered on Sat morning. He also put us up a new outside light by the front door as Peter doesn't 'do' electrics!!
 I have several weather items in our house mainly collected from walks on beaches in various countries whilst on holiday
Here is a piece of wood
 and some of my stone collection, some weathered in to smooth rounded stones and one with a hole through it!

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Day 178 - STILL LIFE

Another day when we woke to a very warm day with blue skies and sunshine and then by the afternoon clouds and decidedly cooler!
It was our Xanthe day and Xanthe and I went with Peter on the 9am bus to town, Peter to work for the morning and Xanthe and I to browse the shops and have a coffee and a snack before we went home and picked up the car and off to gym again like last week. 2 tops fell into my hands in M&S of course :)

Again no camera but phone came in use for today's photo, 2 maniquins in M&S and Xanthe mesmerised by them. Voila my photo for the day!! STILL LIFE!
We have just had dinner and Peter has had a relaxing afternoon (no kitchen today) and is now settled in front of the TV, I might join him in a moment

Monday, 25 June 2012

Day 177 - SIZZLING

Today's word I got as I set off to Sainsbury for the shopping, forgot my camera but had my phone (which I am starting to us more but it gives me long thin photos??)
So immediately I start thinking.... sizzling hot, food, BBQ's, summers, fires fireworks, geysers and bubbling mud and hot springs
I then come home and sit down after dinner with the dictionary bet Anne looked this up today!!
SIZZLE - spluttering sound as of frying; state of great heat or excitement or marked effectiveness hence sizzling hot
So I was on the right lines but a photo, didn't want to search for photos from the past again and I have them all!!
Fortunately I took these photos in the supermarket of dresses waiting for a sizzling summer..WHEN?

I have to tell you when we went out at 8.30 it was very warm, sunny with clear blue skies but at lunchtime the sea breeze had arrived along with the clouds and it isn't so warm outside! Peter is taking the last brick off the wall as I type and then he has to try and sand off the adhesive the rest of the week, plaster the holes and gosh we have 1 big hole to the outside which was covered by a tile LOL!! Will show you it tomorrow!

Sunday, 24 June 2012


Pleasures today! Well as Anne said yesterday we get the word and then spend a whole day pontificating (a new word for Anne?)
Today wasn't the best day for me to think about pleasures as Peter and I fell out about how to do some DIY first thing this morning and then it continued when I came home from church. So I went and scrapped and he chiselled and carried on  removing old tiles and grout and looking at big cracks and crumbling wall!

We are OK now but I went over to give Xanthe her card today (forgot it yesterday)and met WW3 in her home too!! I am sure it is the male species that cause all these upsets, would we? OH NO!!! (wink, wink!)
Xanthe was ready for her party, her brother Zac (a male too) was being difficult and my lovely daughter in law was at the end of her tether, partly because the party was in their tiny cottage and 11 2yr olds were expected at 2pm! and my lovely youngest son was tired and having a real wobbly and it was raining.  Needless to say weather has improved and we have had blue skies and sunshine and hopefully sunshine again in their house as it is in mine thank goodness as I hate moods and unhappy atmospheres though as I get older I seem to cause more :(
Look at Xanthe's pretty dress already for the guests, she looks so grown up already LOL!
 OK I made a long list of my pleasures, just couldn't pick out one of course, and as this is a blog, I am allowed to chat away!!
1. FAMILY a collage from 2009, remember those summer evenings and BBQ's!
 and more holidays with my dear DH. I still love them even though I am not working anymore.
 3. LOSING WEIGHT as this collage shows gave me great pleasure, struggling to maintain these days and 1 st heavier than I like :(
 5. SCRAPPING has to be on my list, another CJ about food!
6. READING not my books on my shelf at the moment and lots on my Kindle these days
6. FUN, being silly sometimes and forgetting I am getting old! Here I am at a church 60's night with a friend's DH!
other pleasures with no photos
7. My COMPUTER to be in touch with others where ever they are
8.THE BEACH when it is warm enough!
9. COOKING especially for others and trying new SW recipes
10.TV of course, how could I forget that!! I just love chilling out with a recorded programme and.....
11 A GLASS OF GOOD RED WINE, I at last know what I like in wine and not afraid to say either, and it doesn't need to be expensive either
and last but not least and not in any order but guess this would be 1st on my list
I guess I just love life and everything that I embrace I find pleasure in! Now you all know a little more about me!!

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Day 175 - NATURE

 It is Xanthe's 2nd Birthday today, so this morning we went with our presents to see her.  We stayed for a quick lunch and saw her other grandparents and then had to leave as Peter had a bowls match away and then his choir are performing tonight in a concert for our local hospice. They are performing again next week so I shall go to that performance.
Here are a few photos I took on my phone as my camera had a flat battery!!
She had some new reins with a tiger on her back and would not take it off!!
 Today we had to take a photo from the word NATURE. I have many nature photos as have the rest of us.
Here are two taken when we visited an open garden day a few weeks ago 

 and today's from Xanthe's garden
When I came up to my craft room to blog this afternoon, look who I found curled up on my desk, one of our cats Florrie who is Daddy's girl! 
I now have the rest of the afternoon and evening to myself and do not have to cook tea either so it will be a bit of crafting and then watching recordings on the TV tonight, no football :)

Friday, 22 June 2012

Day 174 - Sunshine

We were asked to snap the sun or if this wasn't possible to show some sunshine in my life.

It is a very blustery and cloudy day here and everytime the sun appeared and I went to get the camera the clouds blew and covered up the sun!!
I then thought about the DGC who are the sunshine of our lives but that meant looking for updated photos of the oldest and sadly don't often have phtos of them these days.
Anyway here is of course my sunshine Peter taking off our kitchen tiles in readiness for a re makeover of new cupboards, replacing the faulty ones that are only 3 yrs old in 2 weeks time. We are having the cupboards replaced free and have decided to have new worktops and sink and hob and tiles which are 14yrs old.
 I spent the morning packing away as much as I could from the worktops into we go again!
 As I said there has been a lot of clouds and some blue sky and sunshine but could not get a clear sun photo today!! Boy was it blowing a gale!!

These are the best I could come up with!  Have better in my archives!

Day 7 Same...but different - Day 7 Cheerio xx

Well yesterday was my last day back blogging. It has seemed more difficult this time as Lynne is having computer problems so in the middle of posting it kept crashing this week
We found Blue cat hiding as he didn't want to join in this challenge. I think he is a little shy!
Not a very interesting day today. I t was an at home day which meant DHW so I had a snooze but was soon woken up as it was ironing time and Lynne thought I could have a go as it is a job she hates LOL!!
Here is the ironing pile apparently not as much as there sometimes is!
I really struggles with this task
The problem was the iron was bigger than me and there was hot steam coming from it which was rather firghtening me, so Lynne took pity on me and let me snooze again!
To finish off my blogging before I say "cheerio" I thought I would reminisce about 2010
here was a cruise that we all went on
I loved these bones but not had them this week :(
This little man really loved me, think he came from the same factory as Blue cat, Moomin and yellow duck but he was rather specail as he had written on his body I love God! He lived at Lynne and Peter's curate's house
memories of those lovely bones thatb I use to hide under the cushions. Wouldn't be allowed them on their new suite!
My farewell photo is from World Cup 2010. I am hoping England do well again in these championships. Not sure if I will find out as I am off to the craftroom shelf now and Lynne won't be watching the the footie I am sure!......................................".Cheerio"  xxxxxxxxx