Saturday, 16 June 2012

Day 168 Same but different- day 2

Hello I am Clemmie, I had my own blog in 2010 until my carer Lynne decided to put me back on a shelf in her craft room. She says I can use her blog for a few days in a 365+1 photo challenge she is doing???
Of course she doesn't explain and she expects me to understand LOL!!

Any way I have a lot to tell you so let's get on with it. First Lynne tells me that there is a monkey from the PG Tips adverts who wants to be my friend! So first thing this morning I am on Lynne's computer with my friend Blue Cat researching. (If you remember I learnt how to read and write and to use a computer 2 yrs ago, fast tracking it was called LOL!!)  We used Google and this is the first youtube advert I saw!!!! A man or a lady LOL!!
 This seems a better photo and Lynne says it looks more like Hudson
 and here he is having a cup of tea, I have never tried tea, something new for me to try one day, if I am allowed to. He looks quite a cool guy, someone I could like/
 Well of course then Blue Cat wants to know what a Moomin is as he is sure he met another blue plastic creature at the plastic factory,  so Lynne suggested Wipapedia or something like that,( I am not very good at spelling!!)  This is what Blue Cat found, the only problem was he cannot read yet LOL!!
 Anyway off we went without breakfast to Rye to sort out a problem with worktops and tiles for the kitchen, too complicated for me to understand so I decided to see what was on the sports page...I couldn't believe that there is another Football Championship going 2012 it was the world cup and now more football, poor Lynne !
 THis was very boring looking at all these worktop samples, wish they would make there mind up!! WE never did have breakfast either!!
 Well this afternoon we were off out again, are they never in? Stuck back in the craftroom for 2 yrs I had no idea how busy they seem to be.
Lynne had to do bowls teas whilst Peter played in a match
 Of course I wanted to know what this bowls game was all about but gosh it was very windy, I nearly lost an ear LOL!!
 Here is Peter right in the middle next to a man with a hat on, they all wear white clothes and noone can explain why!
Well Lynne is here in the craft room with me and tells me that it is time for bed,(guess where Peter is, watching football LOL!!)..... so nite all xxxx


  1. night clemmie, sounds like you had a very busy day, hope tomorrow is a lot quieter for you.

    1. Helen that was quick! Just tucked him into bed before posting a photo on 365!!!

  2. Night Clemmie- My dad is watching football too. He even worried the big hairy beast that lives with us yesterday- because he thinks he's a referee. She went to sit in the garden!

    You've found my cousins on tv!!!!!!!! I don't think they blog though!!!!!!! You really MUST try a cup of tea- has to be PG Tips though!

    Night- your new friend Hudson

  3. Night Clemmie. I bet you have as busy a day tomorrow.

  4. Clemmie, you surely are sweet !

  5. Very good post Clemmie. You have your owners nailed I think :) Glad you are getting out and about this week! xxx

  6. Loving the blog Clemmie and those pesky blue plastic friends of ours like getting a look in too don't they.. tell Lynne what a great photographer she is and how she captures the essence of the day perfectly.. we can tell she has had practice with you in 2010 xxx

  7. Congratulations for the wonderful post.
    This Clemmie is very cool!