Saturday, 2 June 2012

Day 153 - ISOLATED and Day 154 - IN THE DISTANCE

Well I missed posting yesterday, sorry but I did say we had a busy day and a DGS 's sleepover too!
The word isolated made me think of all the remote places we have beem tp in this country and abroad. I decided to show you this remote and isolated church we founf on the Akaroa peninsula on S Island of NZ
Day 153
This was the outside
 Here is the interior all made in wood
 This was the view from one of the windows
 and this is about the church
 and now about today! We picked up Zac from school, they had had a Jubilee school day and it was lovely to see the children coming out dressed in red, white and blue and all wearing individual crowns they had made from Yr 3 - yr 6. Each child had a jubilee mug and badge, a flag and Zac had been awarded this cup for good behaviour and an acrostic poem on Medusa that he had written

 and here is Miss Madam as we have taken to calling her this week looking very cute in this sundress

 Day 153 - In the distance shows our road from outside our house to nearly the end of the road!
The day was very busy cooking for the meal tonight, cooking for a street party (not ours) on Monday and packing for our monthly crop tomorrow. Our friends have just gone and I was determined to blog before going to bed.
Oh and it is pouring down with rain too,  the first since before we went away at the end of April


  1. we have rain today too, was an ok day yesterday though. Lovely pictures Lynne, how nice of Zac to get all those commerative things and he looks great in his crown.

  2. Beautiful pictures, Lynn! Bravo!!!
    Thank you for sharing this with us! For me it was very interesting!
    Have a nice day!

  3. When I saw the church, I thought about NZ immediately.
    Well done to Zac.
    Your DGD looks sooo cute.
    Very interesting photo in black and white!
    It's raining here too. xx

  4. what a lovely read, and nice picture memories of NZ. Haven't kids everywhere embraced the Jubilee! The children both look so cute..
    (Our Zac is a deck officer cadet and is training over three years at college and on ships, this time he is out of Sydney for three months, then back to college for two terms.. and he gets paid to train.. 'result!! )

  5. That is an awesome shot of the distance :)