Friday, 22 June 2012

Day 7 Same...but different - Day 7 Cheerio xx

Well yesterday was my last day back blogging. It has seemed more difficult this time as Lynne is having computer problems so in the middle of posting it kept crashing this week
We found Blue cat hiding as he didn't want to join in this challenge. I think he is a little shy!
Not a very interesting day today. I t was an at home day which meant DHW so I had a snooze but was soon woken up as it was ironing time and Lynne thought I could have a go as it is a job she hates LOL!!
Here is the ironing pile apparently not as much as there sometimes is!
I really struggles with this task
The problem was the iron was bigger than me and there was hot steam coming from it which was rather firghtening me, so Lynne took pity on me and let me snooze again!
To finish off my blogging before I say "cheerio" I thought I would reminisce about 2010
here was a cruise that we all went on
I loved these bones but not had them this week :(
This little man really loved me, think he came from the same factory as Blue cat, Moomin and yellow duck but he was rather specail as he had written on his body I love God! He lived at Lynne and Peter's curate's house
memories of those lovely bones thatb I use to hide under the cushions. Wouldn't be allowed them on their new suite!
My farewell photo is from World Cup 2010. I am hoping England do well again in these championships. Not sure if I will find out as I am off to the craftroom shelf now and Lynne won't be watching the the footie I am sure!......................................".Cheerio"  xxxxxxxxx


  1. It's been lovely to follow you Clemmie.

  2. clemmie well done on trying to iron. Its been nice to see you again, take care on the shelf.

  3. Hoping that maybe little blue cat will find himself in the odd pic through the year like Moomin may!? You did great xx