Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Day 171 - Same...but different - Day 5

This wasn't the best day of my life today LOL!
I was told last night I would be meeting Zac's sister Xanthe who wasn't born when I had my blog til June 2010, She will 2 yrs old onSsat 23rd June. I was looking forward to meeting her until I landed this morning under some of her toys
 She seemed OK as she gave Blue Cat and I an Art lesson
 Then I nwas a bit worried, she had her own dog, called dog and started to play with us both with her feet
 But it was OK cos then I got some TLC from her
 Blue cat didn't get any instead he had his head and tail twisted and turned OCH!!
 After all this play Xanthe decided it was sleep time so she got Lynne's cushions and put Dog, Baby and me to sleep on the cushions, don't know where blue cat hid!
 We were woken up and Lynne took Xanthe and I to a gym where for a while I watched from Lynne's bag 

 Then Lynne decided I should have some excercise too
 and told me to slide down this slope...I wasn't very happy
 and neither was Blue Cat when we returned for lunch and Xanthe thought he ought to try her Spaghetti hoops. I was very worried he might fall in but Lynne rescued him.
We were left behind for the school run thank goodness, though I would have like to say hello to Zac after 2yrs, he was a good friend that I liked. Hope tomorrow will be a bit quieter for me?


  1. These 2 year olds can be very scary, can't they Clemmie!!!

    Lovely photos- especially sleep time!

  2. I think plastic has a memory as old Moomin's eyes were watering at the same tome as cat's head was twisted.. or maybe he was just allergic to the cat at our house.. he did get close.. details tomorrow! Have a quiet day tomorrow you too, and Lynne x

  3. aww lovely photos lynne.
    Clemmie hope you have a restful day tomorrow!
    Lynne you will have to watch holby on iplayer too :)

  4. Clemmie you will sleep well tonight :) loved your day and well done for playing so well with Xanthe xxx

  5. Congratulations for the wonderful pictures!
    Great challenges for your mascot!
    He, however - survived!