Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Day 165 - Earth Tones

Our whole house seems to be changing from blue tones to earth tones!
I have already shown you our lounge which are tones of mushroom brown and cream. Well we are now having to re do our kitchen at the cost of the factory which supplied out kitchen doors 3 yrs ago as some doors have 'blown' at the seams. We have decided to change the worktops and tiles at the same time and also have a new gas hob and sink!
We are in a real dilemma about the tiles and have lots of tile samples, these are the latest around the worktop sample, laid on our earth tone carpet LOL!! The tiles need to also fit some bluish floor tiles which we are not changing and that is the problem!!
Today the weather has totally changed, the sun has been out and it was really warm nr the seafront where DH played in a bowls match and I helped with the bowls tea. I managed to sit on a bench a few times and started reading a new book. I stayed in bed this am until 10am finishing my last book, oh what a life!!


  1. good luck with the tile decision. sounds like a nice day you have had.

  2. You are right, Lynne, what a life! Commiserations, lol ! xxx

  3. I'm sure on busy days with the DGC you fully deserve the easier days.. its time to relinquish the guilt we all feel and enjoy xx

  4. Certainly sounds a good day :)

    Good luck with the decisions!

  5. Hope you decide on the tiles easily! What book have you just finished?