Thursday, 21 June 2012

Day 172 Same.... but different - Day 6

Sorry I am late in writing this but the reason was that my day didn't end very well.
Let's start at the beginning. Lynne had a fasting blood test whatever that meant. I was allowed into the surgery and she left me in the car with Peter which was boring as he rarely talks to me but read his newspaper. 
We then went off for breakfast on our way to Eastbourne, Apparantly they often come to this Bungalow cafe
 Here I am eating out for breakfast for the second time this week, but really don't fancy this, give me a plate of bones any day!
 Lynne spent a long time looking at what few clouds there were in the sky, as she says Anne has seen some lovely clouds looking like elephants!!!! LOL   "Pigs can fly too" (I learnt that the other day, strange saying these adults use!!
 Anyway we ended up in a Paver shop in a garden centre and I was allowed to watch from Lynne's handbag. She is a real shopper and couldn't decide which pair she liked and when Peter had wandered off she bought both pairs! The shop assistant told him when he returned that his walkabout had cost him dearly. he didn't seem to understand!
 This was when my day went all wrong as I was thrown into this she bag and left there until this morning LOL!!
Now I am told that today Friday is my final day....gulp....what does this mean? Oh and by the way has anyone seen Blue Cat? He seems  tohave gone AWOL!


  1. oh clemmie you poor thing, been left in a bag. I havent seen blue cat hope you find him today.

  2. What a day, just right?
    Beautiful pictures!

  3. Oh dear Clemmie- I hope you have a 'better' day today!!!!!!!! Hope you find Blue Cat aswell- you seem to be great friends.

    Hudson is leaving on a jet plane tomorrow!!!!! He's had enough of the rain!

  4. Awww Clemmie, you will not be forgotten that is for sure! xxx