Sunday, 10 June 2012


Today's word was neglected, so I knew immediately what I would take a photo of!!
Here are some photos of my neglected front garden. Pots, tubs and handing baskets are all in situ but sadly weeding has been a no no with the weather we have had and the time I have had too. The flowers are looking very sad too with the winds and rain we have had! 
Today has been a chill out day on the computer and TV and cooking a nice meal tonight. Now off to watch recordings on the box as DH is allowing me to watch what I would like and it definitely is not footie LOL!!


  1. I daren't even look in my front garden at the moment!!

    I hope you enjoy your night of tv!!!

  2. lynne at least there seems to be quite a few of us neglecting the outdoors! i for one feel reassured having company and i stopped feeling guilty about my less than presentable gardens..

    although yours dont even look like weeds! they look like plants to me :D but then i once painstakingly weeded my mother's garden, just be get a terrible telling off because i had taken out all the flower seedlings and left behind all the weed.. oooppss

  3. Sounds like a lovely day :) I have had a similar one. Hurrah for Sundays! xx

  4. arh, another hubby who wasnt bothered by tonights match, we watched a film instead although I do have a lot of tv to catch up on with it being half term. WIshing for some nice weather so we can all get into the gardens and maybe do a little weeding :)

  5. Well at least your garden has nice colors, Lynne. Our is .... no word for that, lol ! xx

  6. .. nice way to spend a Sunday.. and the urghh weather has its good side.. if it was fine you'd be busy til dusk! xx