Thursday, 7 June 2012

Day 158 - REACHING UP and half term

Jubilee celebrations over and it should have been back to normal but we had both Zac and Xanthe today instead of Tuesday so we took them out for the day. First to Ten pin bowling where Peter and Zac had several games and I tried to keep Zanthe under control and play games with her!!
Here is Zac on one of the amusements before the game. Forgot to get my camera out during the bowling as I was busy with Xanthe LOL!!
 We then went across the retail park to Mc Donalds which Peter absolutely hates :( and Zac also enjoyed the playroom, X was too young to go in there
 We then went to Bexhill seafront for icecreams and saw this climbing frame which I thought was really pleasing to the eye!
 Here is Zac and I indulging. It was dry sunny but very windy.
 Xanthe missed all this sleeping in the car, we sat on a bench by the car...we didn't leave her!
 From where we sat the view along the coast to St Leonards and Hastings was so clear
 I was amazed to find these flowers growing from a crack in the seafront wall. They looked so healthy!
I had a photo lined up of me reaching to the sky (similar to Vivienne's) then I just caught sight of Zac climbing down this wall to the beach (boys don't do stairs!!) Here he is reaching for Grandad's binoculars that he had taken off to climb down, bless him!, so photo taken for the day!!


  1. great photos . love the one of Zac you couldn't of asked for a better shot

  2. Yes, perfect photo.. and I love how Peter doesn't always like stuff..and to see his face.. great aren't they, Grandads.. x Perfect picture for the prompt..

  3. great photos, love the climbing frame