Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Day 178 - STILL LIFE

Another day when we woke to a very warm day with blue skies and sunshine and then by the afternoon clouds and decidedly cooler!
It was our Xanthe day and Xanthe and I went with Peter on the 9am bus to town, Peter to work for the morning and Xanthe and I to browse the shops and have a coffee and a snack before we went home and picked up the car and off to gym again like last week. 2 tops fell into my hands in M&S of course :)

Again no camera but phone came in use for today's photo, 2 maniquins in M&S and Xanthe mesmerised by them. Voila my photo for the day!! STILL LIFE!
We have just had dinner and Peter has had a relaxing afternoon (no kitchen today) and is now settled in front of the TV, I might join him in a moment


  1. great picture and I can understand Xanthe being mesmerised...I often find myself nearly saying 'excuse me' to maniquins in my way, lol. Sounds like a lovely day, enjoy putting your feet up! We have had sun too, makes such a nice change :)

  2. What a super capture for the word for today. I'm not surprised that Xanthe was mesmerised I think I would have been too.

  3. That's a great take, Lynne and Xanthe is so cute !

  4. Such a beautiful photo.

    It's funny how these clothes just demand to be taken to the checkout!

  5. Awhh so sweet .. my teen jb is scared of them but not so scared it stops her shopping! Bet she loves the time with you as much as you do xx