Thursday, 28 June 2012


WOW free choice, I think I blog as I talk LOL!! Only Helen and Viv have met me IRL!!
So had a fab day but tiring. Woke to sunshine and very warm too, Forecast was rain and earlier thunderstorms, no,, no not here on SE coast!

I had to do bowls full teas today so went to Sainsbury at 8am for the bread etc, then on to Anne at the farm you saw last Sun, she is a beautican (sp) and I have electrolysis every 2 weeks and pedicure once a month
She has just bought a new uniform :)

 Then home with the bowls tea food and here is our window ledge which has to have all the plaster removed as it has 'blown' :(
 and now ready to do the teas, I start at 11am
 and it is now 12am and the fillings are being put on and peter is home ready for some lunch! Thankfully he makes his own lunch and I don't want anything, fed up of seeing sandwiches!!
We are home and it is 5pm, hot sunny and very humid too. Decide to take some photos of our garden
This plant is new a plant from a friend. It has a lovley smell and looks so fresh too 
 We haven't watered for several days as the forecast gave showers but we haven't seen any so our plants were desperate, I sat with a lovely glass of red wine whilst Peyer watered, think I have got this right? !!
 It was so warm we decided to BBQ, 2nd time this year!! Only burgers and sausages and then we ate indoors as a wind whipped up and the sue went, though it is still humid and our outside temp reads 19C
 and just to show you I am still scrapping, not a lot but have a few CJ's to do!


  1. a busy day lynne, well done for scrapping and the flower looks lovely. The forecast for you, was what we got up north, rain and thunder....very humid too.

  2. Looks like a lovely day. I think we must have had your share of rain today- everywhere flooded because the rain came down so heavily. I think our plants should be ok for a day or two!

  3. Great photos looks like a great day :) xx

  4. Lots of lovely photos. Thanks for the comment on my blog - next timewe're in Eastbourne we must meet up x

  5. Such lovely pictures, Lynne !
    The code is just for writing programs. No need to be impressed, lol !

  6. Looks like you had a busy day, Lynne.

  7. Lovely pictures, Lynne!