Friday, 29 June 2012


An early posting for me today, not because I am busy but what I will be doing today won't be very interesting. My first job this morning is to start to empty my bottom cupboards out in the kitchen and CLEAN the shelves! OK I know they will need cleaning again after the worktops are in :)
I then have ironing and maybe a chance to read my book in some sunshine that is slowly filtering through the clouds. So watering needs to be done too!
The word today is SILHOUETTE. We use to have silhouette head pictures of my boys sketched one holiday but I have no idea what happened to them now! Probably thrown away.
This morning I took this photo of a silhouette picture my late lovely neighbour Kay made and put in a picture fame, she had been making cards for a couple of years and was very talented. I keep this in my craft room and every time I look at it I am reminded of her
 I did Cheryl Johnson's photography course on UKS a few years ago and we had to take silhouette photos and here they are from my photo archives :)


  1. beautiful card, i love the window picture. Hope you get chance to read your book.

  2. Morning Lynne, I love your silhouettes. This is very early for me. I've got lots to do today.

  3. BRAVO!
    I love your silhouettes.
    Today we celebrate St. Peter in Bulgaria. All people who say Peter have a holiday.
    Congratulations and your Peter.

  4. All pictures fit the promt really well ! Great work !

  5. What a beautifully made card/picture silhouette.

  6. Lovely silhouettes and a great take on it :)

  7. Lynne, I love that last picture.. just unusual.. x I have the girls next weekend so will be cleaning my kitchen cupboards out when I get home, otherwise the baby is in the bottles and boxes of cereal! X