Friday, 15 June 2012

Day 167 - Same ..but different Day 1 - Meet Clemmie!

 Thank you Borqna for letting us find out who we are in Fairyland LOL!! 
I like the description of myself. Probably not around much in the UK if I need a cloudless sky!!
My fairy is
Briar Yewfly
She casts spells of enchantment.
She lives in leafy dells and bluebell glades.
She can only be seen at midday under a quiet, cloudless sky.
She wears bluebell - blue dresses and has russet coloured
wings like a brightly coloured butterfly

Day 167 Today Suzie has asked us to choose a toy or an animal to put in different situations for the next few days. 
So let me introduce Clemmie who was named after Clement Fraud (cos of the eyes)
He had some great adventures for half a year in 2010. 
He still sits in my craft room along with the blue cat as company! 
I shall will you his blog and in the next few days some different photos of him. I know I am cheating a bit but why reinvent the wheel and I am sure you will laugh at some of his situations
 and since I haven't shown everyone what I have been scrapping in June so far!! here are some photos.
At the crop last Sunday it was finishing off old projects (I have sooo many unfinished scrapping projects that every crop for 2012 I will take something to finish)
This was a mini book (started at a scrapping class) on The Tour de France we watched in Goudhurst Kent in 2007

 Another class project was this mini book on our old steps which we resurfaced with concrete blocks and the same steps I fell down in 2010!!(hence the skull and cross bones!)
 It folds back and ties to make a complete circle, difficult to take photos

 Our class yesterday was another lovely LO deigned and taught by Anita and is the last page for the album I have done on Xanthe's first 2 years to give her Mummy next week on her 2nd birthday


  1. Hudson has already been over to study Clemmies blog- to see the sort of adventures he SHOULD be having.

    I love all of your crafting projects and what a wonderful idea for your grandaughter to present an album on her birthday. A girl I worked with used to have a HUGE bouquet delived every year on her children's birthdays and I thought it was a lovely idea then!!!

    I love Anita's work- and think I need to buy a hexagon punch because I love that look!

  2. I had a quick look through Clemmies blog he is obviously a very out going dog and very patient to live with a blue cat.
    I love your circular mini book. I must admit I am taking half finished books/pages to crops now as I don't have to take all my stash along just those bits I have sorted to finish the project with.

  3. Love that last layout.. bunting especially.. she will love the book.

  4. You have been busy, Lynne. I'm looking forward to Clemmies adventures.

  5. Hello Clemmie, so nice to meet you.

    Lynne has made some great work don't you think? xxx

  6. nice to see you return clemmie, I wonder what you have been upto all this time. Those layouts of Lynne's look great, I love the one of Xanthe and I bet they will all love the album she has created.

  7. Lovely scrapbooking. The circle book is a great project and I love that page with the bunting.

  8. A bit more time this evening, Clemmie's 2010 blog must have given you lots of fun and I bet the kids liked it too.. this will be fun..x

  9. Oh and last thing.. my Moomin fancies your little blue cat.. he reckons they may have met before in a plastics factory!

  10. Two great mini books but that layout is so sweet and lovely x