Sunday, 24 June 2012


Pleasures today! Well as Anne said yesterday we get the word and then spend a whole day pontificating (a new word for Anne?)
Today wasn't the best day for me to think about pleasures as Peter and I fell out about how to do some DIY first thing this morning and then it continued when I came home from church. So I went and scrapped and he chiselled and carried on  removing old tiles and grout and looking at big cracks and crumbling wall!

We are OK now but I went over to give Xanthe her card today (forgot it yesterday)and met WW3 in her home too!! I am sure it is the male species that cause all these upsets, would we? OH NO!!! (wink, wink!)
Xanthe was ready for her party, her brother Zac (a male too) was being difficult and my lovely daughter in law was at the end of her tether, partly because the party was in their tiny cottage and 11 2yr olds were expected at 2pm! and my lovely youngest son was tired and having a real wobbly and it was raining.  Needless to say weather has improved and we have had blue skies and sunshine and hopefully sunshine again in their house as it is in mine thank goodness as I hate moods and unhappy atmospheres though as I get older I seem to cause more :(
Look at Xanthe's pretty dress already for the guests, she looks so grown up already LOL!
 OK I made a long list of my pleasures, just couldn't pick out one of course, and as this is a blog, I am allowed to chat away!!
1. FAMILY a collage from 2009, remember those summer evenings and BBQ's!
 and more holidays with my dear DH. I still love them even though I am not working anymore.
 3. LOSING WEIGHT as this collage shows gave me great pleasure, struggling to maintain these days and 1 st heavier than I like :(
 5. SCRAPPING has to be on my list, another CJ about food!
6. READING not my books on my shelf at the moment and lots on my Kindle these days
6. FUN, being silly sometimes and forgetting I am getting old! Here I am at a church 60's night with a friend's DH!
other pleasures with no photos
7. My COMPUTER to be in touch with others where ever they are
8.THE BEACH when it is warm enough!
9. COOKING especially for others and trying new SW recipes
10.TV of course, how could I forget that!! I just love chilling out with a recorded programme and.....
11 A GLASS OF GOOD RED WINE, I at last know what I like in wine and not afraid to say either, and it doesn't need to be expensive either
and last but not least and not in any order but guess this would be 1st on my list
I guess I just love life and everything that I embrace I find pleasure in! Now you all know a little more about me!!


  1. What a glorious post, Lynne (and no, pontificating is not a new word for me, no idea where I heard it for the 1st time but I know it's meaning, LOL).
    It is such a beautiful, all the journalling and the pictures. Fantastic post today. Very much impressed ! xxx

    1. Thank you Anne, just spoke from the heart today!

  2. what a lovely blog entry lynne. Hope all is happy at home again and that Xanthe had a great party, she looks lovely in her dress.

  3. Lynne, what a lovely post.. maybe we are all feeling like we are closer that makes us blog so frankly sometimes...and to get hugs or smiles from blog pals is lovely, ESP when you pick up the comments last thing before bed or when you wake!{on my phone}
    I think as we get older we get a bit more stubborn / selfish maybe, and not so afraid to say / do what we want / think.. and hey, its only a grumble isn't it, then the sun shines and the kids walk in the

  4. What a great entry. So often we can see the bad but how wonderful to find so much pleasure and it's all there we just have to appreciate it.

  5. What a lovely post Lynne. I couldn't agree more with anything at all that you have posted and love, love. love all your pleasures. xxx

  6. It is a lovely post and your pleasures were a pleasure to share with you!! Really lovely photos.