Sunday, 17 June 2012

Day 169 Same...but different- Day 3

Oops Lynne has just caught me trying to scrap LOL!! She has this LO (I learnt the jargon in 2010) which is for the WC on UKS (here I go again, don't grown ups use such funny words?) and is anxious she won't finish it by tonight!! I don't know why I cannot help but she was very firm about saying NO!
 I realised yesterday that today would be a special day for Peter, something called Father's Day? Since Jo and the kids came a day early with cards, chocolate and a fishing voucher.

Why to day I do not know as it seems to me it is Father's day every day with fishing, bowling, football, choir and mainly TV hogging the controls to flip from one station to another when not sleeping...I learnt all this from Lynne which explains why she is on her own such a lot!!

Anyway another card has appeared this morning so "2 from 4 kids isn't bad going" Lynne says!
We are off to see Alun and his family for dinner this evening so hoping they will take me with them
 This card was a box card and Blue Cat thought it was a fish on the end of the fishing rod and got quite excited but then realised it was an old wellington boot. Must ask Lynne why it is called a wellington boot LOL!!
Must go as Lynne wants the computer and I must go back on the shelf for a while, maybe back later who knows, BFN xxx (yes I know all the scrapping jargon LOL!!)


  1. Did you hear the news? My 30/30 selected your Clemmie as best Friend !
    I love the philosophical view of Clemmie on Father's day !

  2. Loving it.. Lynne you are a natural narrator.. of dog's lives and your own xx
    Maybe Clenpmmie could star in a book..something for your alone days xx

  3. I've just caught up with the last three days and the adventures that Clemmie is getting up to - love it all!! Looking forward to seeing the next episode! x

  4. Poor clemmie not allowed to 'help with the LO', hope he isnt left on the shelf too long.

  5. Well done Clemmie for learning all the scrapping jargon.

  6. Well done Clemmie for understanding why Lynne has to do all that Scrapbooking

  7. Clemmie- loved reading about your day. Hudson says that you really must try a cup of tea soon- PG Tips is his recommendation!

  8. Clemmie, you are sweet!
    Dear Lynne, thank you -
    you made my day more smiling. I find the idea of ​​these mascots - magnificent!