Wednesday, 27 June 2012


I forgot to show you the air vent hole that had been hidden by a tile!! In the wind there is a mighty draft!!
 a closer look
 and the state of the kitchen window sill
Peter's choir friend Jim came this morning to put in a new electric point so we are now having all the holes and damaged plastered on Sat morning. He also put us up a new outside light by the front door as Peter doesn't 'do' electrics!!
 I have several weather items in our house mainly collected from walks on beaches in various countries whilst on holiday
Here is a piece of wood
 and some of my stone collection, some weathered in to smooth rounded stones and one with a hole through it!


  1. Weathered stones. What a clever idea !
    Your kitchen will be brilliant when finished and if Peter and friends are ever getting bored, they are welcome in our kitchen ( and you in our living room, of course, lol) !xx

    1. LOL!!! Peter is no DIY man really!!!

  2. that does look like a drafty hole, hope you get it fixed soon. Love the stones, great photo

  3. I love the weathered stones.

  4. Your kitchen is really coming on Lynne.
    I love your weathered pictures. I was told that a hole in a stone would keep witches curses away from you.

  5. I agree with Anne - Weathered stones. А clever idea !
    /Did you know that Peter is equal to STONE.
    I see a Weather in the job Peter!/