Saturday, 23 June 2012

Day 175 - NATURE

 It is Xanthe's 2nd Birthday today, so this morning we went with our presents to see her.  We stayed for a quick lunch and saw her other grandparents and then had to leave as Peter had a bowls match away and then his choir are performing tonight in a concert for our local hospice. They are performing again next week so I shall go to that performance.
Here are a few photos I took on my phone as my camera had a flat battery!!
She had some new reins with a tiger on her back and would not take it off!!
 Today we had to take a photo from the word NATURE. I have many nature photos as have the rest of us.
Here are two taken when we visited an open garden day a few weeks ago 

 and today's from Xanthe's garden
When I came up to my craft room to blog this afternoon, look who I found curled up on my desk, one of our cats Florrie who is Daddy's girl! 
I now have the rest of the afternoon and evening to myself and do not have to cook tea either so it will be a bit of crafting and then watching recordings on the TV tonight, no football :)


  1. Have a lovely evening- hope you get to enjoy a nice 'crafty' time!!!!! I'm hoping to go out to see an open air dance/acrobatic event that was cancelled on Friday. But honestly I would love to curl up, have someone cook my tea and read a book!!!!

    1. Kim I know what you mean, just had a shower and in my fluffly (Light) dressing gown and making a chicken jalfrezi(SW) since DH hates curries!
      Enjoy your evening!

  2. Had a long day at work so am in the recliner now waiting whilst Mum cooks tea :) Enjoy your peace xx

  3. enjoy your football free night, hope you get lots of crafting done. Lovely photos of nature and happy birthday xanthe.

  4. Happy Birthday to Xanthe, she is one day younger than Alistair. I love her cake and the Tiger reins. We must look for some for Amber.
    Florrie looks so much like our Stella, I thought you had taken a photo of her.

  5. Bless her, she is so cute. Your nature photos are great. Of course we will manage to meet somehow !!!

  6. Sounds like a perfect evening..last eve I had couple hours lazy and found a David Bowie night on BBC4, it was lovely , so many memories ..x