Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Day 164 - ANTIQUE

It was too late to blog last night!
Yesterday we had a very wet journey from Hastings to Portsmouth as you can see from the next two photos taken from the coach!
 This was at Chichester
 We arrived in Portsmouth to dry but grey and cold weather. We then had a lovely lunch before going to the Historic Dockyards
I thought I would find my antique photo here. I took photos of HMS Warrior which we could go on board, it was very interesting
 HMS Victory which is older still we went onboard. Unfortunately some students had left a rucksack unattended so everyone had to leave the ship which delayed us for 30mins

 Here are some old anchors
 Then a modern photo of the new Spinnaker structure which dominates the skyline of Portsmouth. Sadly we didn't have time to go there and see the views from the top. Nor did we have time to see the Mary Rose exhibition or do the harbour cruise. We have decided to do this visit again on our own as our tickets last for a year. Hopefully we shall go when the sunshines and it is warmer but at least we had no rain but on our return found it had rained all day at home, what a dreadful beginning to our summer this year!
 I decided that really our town has a very old antique, our ruined castle built by William the Conqueor in 1066, So here is my antique photo!


  1. shame about all the water and you didnt have time to look round everything, but nice to be able to go back under your own time and know what you want to see.

  2. Ahhh Portsmouth.. I went there many years ago with a dive club, especially to see the Mary Rose .. which was shut! Weather was pretty much like that too..x

  3. Many thanks for a great trip! It was very interesting! Congratulations for the great pictures!