Monday, 11 June 2012

Day 163 - AGED

I had that Monday morning feeling when I woke this morning. I have been having really bad night sleeps, dreaming very vivid dreams so on waking feel totally unrested. This seems to have happened since some medication was changed 2 weeks ago, so will have to give it another week then ring the dr!!
As soon as I saw our word for today I grabbed the camera and was brave enough to take these early morning photos, totally unflattering of my face but sadly hands, neck and face are beginning to age!
 Hust look at those bags under my eyes LOL!!
 and the aging spots and wrinkles!!
 This is the cream I use daily for my face after looking at the photos wonder why I bother LOL!!
Well shopping is done, my blogging finished so the rest of my day is my own, really don't know what I will do yet, that is the luxury of retirement !! It is very wet outside so definitely won't be gardening!!!

Oh and Happy Birthday Helen, hope it is a good one xxxxx


  1. i love your hand! it speaks of hard work, experience, love, care.. i find hands fascinating!
    enjoy your day whatever you end up doing :) i have my housework list fired up on my iphone and shall work my way through it.

  2. I remember Robert Winston describing the ageing process as like photocopying.. your DNA pattern changes very gradually over time and the next copy may be a little less clear than the original.. that's what wrinkles are! Always enjoy reading you Lynne x

  3. KathiJo- love that quote from Robert Winston. I could listen to him explaining paint drying mind you.

    Picxie- I also love hands. I think they tell you so much. One of my fave photos was one of my mum's hands reading her book on our way home on the train. It was for the last page in our holiday album.

    Lynn- hope you found something wonderful to amuse you. I've been brave and tackled the ironing pile today. It was threatening to take over.

  4. Lynne, I must say you made me laugh like anything. Not the photos, but the " why do I bother buing these creams !" When I look at my face sometimes I think exactly the same, why do I bother spending money to get THAT !, lol, xxx

  5. Aww thank you lynne, hope you have had a lovely day too. As for wrinkles, they are lines of life :)

  6. Dear Lynn, you can not imagine how wonderful you are! You're not old, you're wise. I see skin, beautiful, like porcelain. Your photos of the garden party are very nice. I saw people who enjoy life! This is great! Congratulations!

  7. Not sure I would be brave enough to show my Monday morning face, but as others have said it's all signs of a life lived and I hate to see those plastic faces that have no life showing at all. Nice take on the prompt.