Sunday, 6 April 2014

My news

Well blogging friends March has been a rollercoaster month for me and Peter.

On 21st Feb I went for my routine mammogram which all women in UK are offered every 3 years from the age of 50 to70. I believe that they are lowering the age to start at 45 and after 70 you can ask for a mammogram but will not be routinely offered one. So aged 68 this was to be my last mammogram!

The letter arrived a week later asking me to got to Brighton Breast Assessment centre for another mammogram, so alarm bells began to ring! Another week went by for this appoinment so we are now in March. At this appointment I found theX ray had detected something in my left breast. So after an intensive mammogram of that breast I then had ultrasound and 4 biopsies all on the same day.

I then had to wait another 2 weeks for an appointment again at Brighton for the biopsy results.
The bioposy results are invasive cancer of a low grade in L breast and a lymph node which would not have been detected by breast examination as there are no visible lumps!

I have been referred now to my home town hospital for treatment and tomorrow I meet my chosen consultant surgeon and will know the date for surgery and after that there will probably be another meeting to discuss further treatment whether chemo, hormone therapy and /or radiotherapy.

We go away next Sun 13th April for a week to N Cyprus and then my life is on hold with no plans which I am finding difficult as I am a planner and like to be in control of my life LOL!! To be honest if another person says it will be good to get away I will scream!! Let's get  the op over and what ever treatment started and then over and then have a holiday!!

To say I feel OK would not be true! It has been a very difficult few weeks of waiting and then this news...especially as there is no lump and I don't feel ill!
Peter and I are dealing with it in our own ways which are very different!! I talk he doesn't but then again locally not many people know, just family, close friends and cyber friends as that is easy!!

Now you know why I have found getting my head round blogging difficult. I will not be mentioning this very often but will keep you all informed occasionally, would appreciate positive thoughts and prayers not for the cancer but my huge fear of hospitals and treatment. I have never been ill and in hospital except to have children, how lucky I have been in 68yrs! but I know I will feel poorly before I am better!!

Here I am with Peter on March 10th for his 79th birthday, the love of my life and best friend!