Friday, 31 January 2014

31st January - View of friends or family

Oops went to look for today's view on Lucky 7 and found I did today's yesterday LOL!!
So what do I chose for today's photo?  I am not seeing any friends today it is a home and driving places day so will go into my archives and retrieve, probably some scrapping friends as I think I have done a lot about family and our cats!!

Ok all sorted.... I started scrap booking when I retired from teaching in 2008 and started scrapping here are a few friends I made, sadly some I now no longer see :(
 My first trip to Alexander Palace I met 2 of my UK teamies Ailsa and Gail, sadly no longer in touch with either of them :(
A group of us continued to scrap locally at one of our church halls weekly I am on the LH side and I had just got Carol scrapping, she is on the RH opposite me!
We also went to a local crop nd here I am with Chris and Anne, sadly never see them either :(
 Here I am in Pevensey E Sussex with 2 teamies Tara and Karen, we are still in touch and I see Karen at a local monthly crop
A retreat in Eastbourne with Tara, Zoe and Liz, never see Zoe or Liz!! 
At the same retreat are the girls from our local crop plus friends Tara and 'London' Karen:
One of our team from UKS, The Dizzy Dots lived in Bali and came over to the UK for a retreat, she came to visit and stay with us before travelling north with Karen from Pevensey. Susie now lives in Bali.
Tara visited us whilst Susie was with us :)
Here I am with Diane another Dizzy Dot at Ally Pally. Recently she hasn't joined in with our chat, I do miss her!
I could continue with friends I am nowadays really close too, but focussed on 'lost' friends:(

Thursday, 30 January 2014

30th January - View of this winter's favourite outfit

Well I did this in daily snapping a few weeks ago but with show you my dressing up one again
New Year's Eve and Christmas day, a fav black skirt and a new inexpensive top from Bon Marche, there were lots of sparkling tops this year and I bought several :) It is the same top slightly turquoiseas on R photo!!

My favourite daytime wear when dressed to go out this winter has been fluffly jumpers with trousers or occasionally a skirt! Here I am ready to go out for lunch today, difficult to do a self portrait without a self timer or another person!! I used my bedroom mirror... slightly moved my hand!!

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

29th January - Sky View

A good job I took this yesterday as today the sky is just grey and dark and pouring with rain! Definitely a home afternoon
WED - Sky View this week. Yes very moody sky and lots of rain too. This photo was taken at 9.30am!
I am leading our housegroup study tonight on Symbols of the Holy Spirit, So the afternoon planning this first and then continuing gutting the spare bedroom book ready to clear a wall! We chose the paint this morning and looked in Dunelm at bedlinen too!

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

28th January - A favourite meal this winter

TUESDAY - A view of a favourite meal this winter I have a new SW cookery book
 I love beans and pulses and this has become one of my favourite winter meals- Zippy Chilli beans, I had it with mash and green veg last night and the rest with rice tonight! Peter hates hot chilli foods!!
I weighed in tonight and I have lost another 2.5lbs. I have 4lbs to lose to get my club 10 award (losing 10% body weight ) I feel very motivated now!

Monday, 27 January 2014

27th January - A new week for Lucky 7 challenge - Winter view 1) from kitchen window

Cannot believe it is nearly February this year Jan has flown by and no snow this winter....yet. I see in the news that there is more flooding in SW of UK so feel for families affected.

This week we change our challenge to views this week in winter
Mon - Kitchen view with blue skies and sunshine but getting colder outside. You can just see Peter coming up from our garage as he has just got the car out for me.
It is a home day for me doing church paperwork, some cooking and washing and having visited a friiend and put the world to rights I am about to watch Film 5+1 and iron whilst Peter is playing bowls!

Before I finish I will show you my first ever orchid bought by friends last Sept. All the flowers died and I continued to water it weekly and buds appeared again and then finally it flowered this weekend! I am thrilled!

Sunday, 26 January 2014

26TH January - My world in 7 words today!

SUN A Perfect Family Sunday with My Sons
Thank you for your lovely comments and good wishes yesterday xx
Thought I would struggle with 7 words but perfect for today. Yesterday's prepping of food worked well and let me wash my hair, lay the table and even go to church as usual.
I cannot believe that Mark is 44 today!! He arrived on time and G&T's were drunk whilst presents opened. No not had too much to drink just clicked too quickly to get this blurred image!! 
Iain and family arrived and lunch was served and enjoyed by all even though Zac only eats fish finger and chips. A lot of desserts and birthday cake were eaten!!
Tried to get a photo shoot of the two boys together but they messed around!
 This was the best I could get!! Not a very good photo of Mark
 It isn't often I see both boys together so today was a perfect family time for me

Saturday, 25 January 2014

25th January - 6 words for MY WORLD - What a lot of jobs today!!

SAT 25th - WHAT A LOT OF JOBS TODAY  in my world!! Usually Sat is a chilling day as I no longer work but last night we invited family to celebrate my oldest son Mark's 44th birthday tomorrow, so I needed to go and shop for extra food and then to cook a lasagne and raspberry roulade.
Peter decided he needed to do DIY with my help after breakfast in our spare room and I needed his help in changing our bed linen too.
Bed linen changed...clean bedclothes
DIY needed next
 Cupboard shelf done 
I am also throwing out lots of rubbish that has accumulated in our spare room and walk in cupboard before we start to decorate, we have 3 weeks before the new beds come :) So more DWH too!
This is our spare bedroom minus any beds!! The junk room!!
 We collect so much rubbish this box is full of leaflets from NZ!! All thrown out now¬
Can you believe I have found 2 lots of knitting I started and stopped when I was too big for what I was knitting LOL so knitting will be Feb and March's project now!!
This afternoon was cooking for tomorrow's lunch Lasagne and Raspberry white chocolate Roulade
 All finished and ready for lunch tomorrow
I will look forward to tonight when I can sit down and relax with dinner and TV. It looks as if Peter is already there!
We watch recorded programmes until 9pm and then we watch with The Brigde for 2 hrs with subtitles . Cannot do other things as well!!!LOL!!

Friday, 24 January 2014

24th January - MY DAY OUT IN LONDON

Well I managed 5 words for today's blog! I seem to be a day behind each day with the news from the previous day LOL!!

I had a fab day with Peter in London. The theatre tickets were my Christmas present for him. We went up early to have a walk round with the view to taking lots of photos, a spot of lunch then the matinee performance of the play. Afterwards a walk to and round Covent Garden before an evening meal (yes 2 meals out :)) then an evening train home. It all went to plan except it was pouring with rain when we arrived in London. So sadly snapshots where hurried and not too many. The afternoon was cold and sunny whilst we were inside the theatre!! but thankgoodness it remained dry for the evening.
Here are some photos of my world yesterday in London.
 Admiralty Arch
Nelson's column
National Gallery and one of the lions in Trafalgar Square
Saw this building and found out the building was the CANADIAN RAILWAY COMPANY! You learn something new every time you go to London!
The Theatre Royal in the Haymarket, not our theatre!
The play we saw with Martin Shaw and Robert Vaughn
A photo shoot after the rain stopped!! It was cold!
In Covent Garden we met our fishing friend Steve's friend David Mkwani. What a wonderful singer he is. Sounds like Lionel Richie!!
Today my world is an at home day! Wonder what Saturday's 6 word can be?

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Day 23 - My World - South Eastern Train Service

This week it is getting harder as we increase our words. Well we really enjoyed the film Madela and would recommend the film. Elba Idris deserves to win an Oscar! I couldn't recommend The Railway man last week as it was so realistic and made you realise how cruel the Jap army was!! Though it had a feel good ending thank goodness

Kathi suggests My Trip to London but here is mine!!!

Thursday 23rd -SOUH EASTERN TRAIN SERVICE  I did my 4 words for today!!
Today we are going by train to London. I have bought the tickets online as they had a 10% discount this month, every penny helps!

I hope there are no more cancellations due to a landslide 10 days ago on the line at Wadhurst. It poured with rain all day yesterday!!

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

22nd January - MY WORLD - Two for One

Yes I got my certificate but no loss and no gain, just stayed the same!!

Wed 22nd -Two for One  We are going to the cinema this afternoon to see Mandela, The Long Walk to Freedom.  I love going to the cinema in Hastings on an Orange Wednesday as we go 2 for 1 with our text 'ticket'
We can also go 2 for1 to Pizza Express with the same  text ticket on Wednesdays but we are not going today!

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

21st January - MY world - Mon -VISITOR and Tues - XANTHE TODAY

Mon was a new challenge week and the idea came from Borqna, thank you.
Each day we show a picture in our world with Mon 1 word and increasing each day.

Mon 20th - Visitor We had a new fishing friend of Peter's to dinner tonight, he has been fishing in our world (E Susses) today from where he lives Kent.
I also went to a car wash on Monday and would you phone for a shot and no camera...typical and it would have been such a good shot for my world and for inside last week. I was cross with myself!!

Tues 21st - Xanthe today It was our day to have here again so a good chance for a photo shoot but she decided to be silly!
After breakfast I took her back to their village to playgroup for the morning. It was very cold 1C and thick fog but after dropping her off I stopped the car for a photo shoot (yes both camera and phone today!) The sun was trying to burn off the fog at 9.10am
30mins later I was outside my house to catch a bus into town and the sky was bright blue and wonderful sunshine
It didn't last long before dark clouds from the west started to come over and now it is cold and looking like more rain but still cold!!
WI at Slimming World tonight, hope I have lost more and get my 1st certificate that I should have had last week :(

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Day 19 - INSIDE a book

Today was free choice so as I was planning SW meals and looking up syn values of some foods I realised this would be my photo today!!
Thank you Kathi for this week's INSIDE challenge, look forward to a new week tomorrow xx

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Day 18 - INSIDE a vehicle

The weekend at last. Our visitor Pam came for 5 days and left yesterday and we love having her but there is nothing like being home alone is there?
Here she is outside in the pouring rain having a fag (cigarette for Borqna!)
We see here every 5 weeks to have her hair done as she has moved to Maidstone but likes her hairdresser in Hastings :).
It has been a very busy and sad week with lots of cooking for 2 funerals, a dear friend Harold's on Tuesday and Peter's sister June yesterday.

We have decided to finally decorate our spare bedroom and today tackled the internal cupboard and try and tidy and throw things out. Why is it so difficult to get rid of things???

So  today our challenge was inside a vehicle, the obvious for me was to take a photo inside our car but it is parked in our garage and I didn't want to go to the bottom of our garden into the garage so went into archived to show you.....
 INSIDE a plane, after losing weight in 2008 I wanted to see if I could put down the tray properly with room for me LOL!! In my fat days this was a struggle!! Yes!! I had a space!
On the same holiday I took photos INSIDE our ship as we walked round the ship on arrival in NY (Hudson Bay) on our first cruise to Nova Scotia