Wednesday, 1 January 2014

31st December, end of Christmas and 2013

Well this year for Peter and I  2013 has been kind to us both in Health and Happiness.  The end of the year has found us losing a dear friend Harold on 24th Dec and Peter's half sister on 23rd Dec. We pray that they both knew the Lord and are with Him now and both at peace.

Here are some photos taken by family and myself before the New year
Here are Xanthe, Zac. Lewis and Amie on Monday all the cousins in Onsies LOL!! Love it!!
Here is Xanthe on a pressie from Christmas yesterday!
Here we are ready to celebrate NY's eve at 7.30pm
Our hosts for 12 of us were my dear friend Carol and partner Dave, so happy to see her happy with someone again. John will never forgotten but so glad she has been able to move forward these past 3 yrs. It makes me so happy!
The rest of our dear friends 

We had a lovely meal and everyone contributed to the meal which we managed to finish just before midnight

Well dear Blogger friends this is the end of our Lucky Snapping Challenge when we kept the group going  for 2013 after  finishing 365 Snap challenge. Thanks to Jenni, Anne and Kathi for starting this for 2013 and for all those who kept going for the year with our blogs, we should pat ourselves on our back. I am pleased that I did this and look forward to staying with you all for 2014 in a different challenge


  1. Wonderful pictures and great mood!
    Thank you very much for your weeks and themes in 2013.
    You are adorable!

  2. Looks like a great time had by all. xx

  3. i recognise one of the onsies, lol. great photos and looks like you all had a good time. We are going to get Harry a balance bike like Xanthes for his birthday in july, hope she enjoys riding it :)

  4. Lovely to see you all enjoying yourselves. Love the photo of all the animals in their onesies. Happy New Year Lynne x

  5. so lovely that you are so close to your friends..great evening x

  6. Sorry about the loss of your friend and a member of your family.
    It is lovely to see the family enjoying themselves here a lovely end to 2013.

  7. Lynne, I am sorry to hear of your bereavements this season.

    Love the onesie photo :-)

    Thank you so much for all your support over the past twelve months, you have been a star and it is much appreciated.

    Best wishes for the new year. xxx