Monday, 6 January 2014

Day 6 A new week with Lucky 7's challenge 2014 - this week it is COLOURS

Monday it is RED So red in my life at home
I don't wear red much but found this photo before I changed our kitchen last year. T shirt and slippers!! Photo taken of the reflection on my cooker doors
Peter's work bag he uses daily!
Poinsetta I love to have each Christmas, I wonder how long it will last this year!
The only crisps Peter will eat - plain ones!!


  1. Oh i am with peter there, i only like plain (or helicopter as richard says) crisps.

  2. Salt and vinegar for me. Love the red slippers. xx

  3. I love pointettias. My record so far is to keep one with most of its red bracts from the beginning of December to the beginning of April. Usually I kill them off in January so I'm really proud of that achievement!!

    I like most flavour crisps but am now into the Walkers Crinkle crisps.

  4. Aahh men and their Ready Salted.. We have one in the office!

  5. great photos , i love the poinsettia one..Karen you ned to come and live with us, we always have the salt and vinegar left over.

  6. Brilliant ideas for red, Lynne. I'm with Peter - plain for me.
    I have managed to keep a poinsettia into the Autumn but the bracts were all green so I didn't keep it any longer, when I discovered how long you had to stand it in light to make it red again.

  7. Love the pictures. The crisps (potato chips to us) looks like the brand we have called Lays. Wonder if they are the same? People here plant their poinsettias in the ground. Probably gets too cold where you are?