Thursday, 30 January 2014

30th January - View of this winter's favourite outfit

Well I did this in daily snapping a few weeks ago but with show you my dressing up one again
New Year's Eve and Christmas day, a fav black skirt and a new inexpensive top from Bon Marche, there were lots of sparkling tops this year and I bought several :) It is the same top slightly turquoiseas on R photo!!

My favourite daytime wear when dressed to go out this winter has been fluffly jumpers with trousers or occasionally a skirt! Here I am ready to go out for lunch today, difficult to do a self portrait without a self timer or another person!! I used my bedroom mirror... slightly moved my hand!!


  1. Ah Lynn .. you just took a selfie!!!
    You look lovely all done up!!

  2. Lovely photos Lynne. You always look nice.

  3. Great pictures. You always look so nice. I have only taken one selfie and it did not come out well at all so I deleted it! LOL

  4. Ditto JoyJoy!
    Congratulations, Lynne!

  5. until a few weeks ago, i didnt even know what a selfie was, lol. great photos lynne