Sunday, 5 January 2014

Day 5 - FAMILY

I have already blogged about my family especially about the grandchildren but never talk about Peter's family.
He was born out of wedlock in 1935.His mother was 16 and fortunately her parents (Peter's grandparents) brought him up. She married at 20 and had 3 more children his half bother and sisters. When Peter was 6 he went to live with her in Battle but within the week he was crying for his grand mother so returned to Hastings and never lived with them as a family.
Here they are 4 years ago when Lynne in green celebrated her 60th Birthday
Aren't they alike!! Sadly June on the right died on 23rd December 2 weeks ago suddenly aged 71 yrs, we were away :(


  1. Ahh, families really did rally round then didn't they..I guess now so many grandmothers are working it would not be easy to take on anot her child in the same way..and I think people looked after their own in that kind of way which is different now..xx

  2. Sorry to hear about June.Alovely family photo

  3. Sorry to read about June. Great they did keep in touch though. xx

  4. Sorry again to hear about you SIL.
    Lovely to hear how well settled Peter was with his grandparents as main carers. xxx

  5. To have brothers and sisters - that's great. A lovely family photo!
    Please accept my most sincere condolences for your loss.
    /We believe that only the righteous people die around the dates of great festive days./

  6. Thanks for sharing Lynne. It's always wonderful to have family. I'm sorry to hear that June passed away. Please give Peter my condolences.